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Essay on Hamlet Drama analysis

Essay on Hamlet Drama analysis

Hamlet Drama analysis


            The results of embarking on a revenge mission are devastating. Often men are consumed by the mad desire for revenge to the extent that they fail to realize when to quit. Consequently, revenge reaps an individual of priceless things in life for instance love. The society today still observes the traditional practices of letting a son assume his father’s responsibilities and even his unfinished battles when he passes on just like sons did during Shakespeare lifetime. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet portrays how revenge undermines priceless gifts like love without people realizing until it is too late to do anything. The essay explains how the mad desire for revenge made Hamlet lose the respect of Ophelia and how he learned of the loss when she had already passed away.


Hamlet adored Ophelia as seen through the letters which Polonius asks his daughter to return to Hamlet. The letters were written by Hamlet when his father was still alive and before he learned of the mystery surrounding his father died. Therefore they represented a pure love as seen through statements like ‘But Never Doubt my love.’ However, upon learning of the myster

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