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Essay on Descriptive statistics

Essay on Descriptive statistics

Descriptive statistics

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The mean is the most frequently used average score. Mean is the balance point in a distribution. This is because the positive and negative deviations balance each other causing the deviation to balance at zero. It is calculated in the distribution by the sum of the scores divided by the number of scores (Patten, 2007). In addition, in academic journals mean is usually denoted as M, for the mean of a population, while m, is the mean of the sample. Nonetheless, in statistics the mean is usually denoted as x̅. Its pronunciation is X-bar. The formal definition of mean; it is the value around which the deviations sum to zero. This shows that in order to obtain deviation, the mean of the distribution is subtracted from the scores in the distribution (Patten, 2007). However, the sum of the deviations equal

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