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Essay on Assessment Description and Rationale

Essay on Assessment Description and Rationale

Criteria and Rubric Development

Part one: Assessment Description and Rationale

One of the objectives that the course aims to achieve is to enable students manage to identify various obstacles to offering high quality patient services. in order to assess the learners` demonstration of proficiency, the cognitive or thinking domain will be used. Cognitive domain focuses on assessing the knowledge as well as the development of intellectual skills among learners. In addition, the behavioral objectives that deals with this domain can be divided into six categories, which are organized based into a taxonomy, and these categories are listed based on the cognitive difficulty, starting with the simpler to the more complex aspects. These six categories are not limited to remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating (Kasilingam, Ramalingam & Chinnavan, 2014). Compared to the other domains (affective and psychomotor), cognitive domain is perceiving to be the most effective as far as assessing the proficiency of learning objectives is concerned. Actually, affective and psychomotor domains to some extent incorporates a number of cognitive aspects.

Assessment tool that I will use to assess the learning objective

The assessment tool that will be used in order to evaluate whether this objective is ac

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