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Introduction to Nursing Practice Essay

Introduction to Nursing Practice Essay

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Introduction to Nursing Practice (Auckland University of Technology)


In this essay, the role of a nurse in maintaining health and wellbeing in individuals and whanau is going to be explained, the holistic health model and health literacy concept is also going to be discussed and related to the wellness check, and my role as a student nurse. The patient assessed in the wellness check is a middle-aged Caucasian female who identifies with the holistic health model, with a high level of health literacy. For the sake of maintaining the patient’s anonymity, I gave the patient a random name (Sarah), to be used throughout this essay.

According to The World Health Organization (WHO) holistic health is defined as the body being in a state of complete mental, social, and physical wellbeing, rather than just without illness (Clendon & Munns, as cited in WHO 1974). Typically, nurses take more of a holistic approach to health (Clendon & Munns, 2019), this means that they will include holistic health principles in their practise.

However, the wellness check includes few questions regarding mental and social wellbeing, and instead follows more of a biomedical model which focuses on the physical and biological conditions of health (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2018).

Generalised role of a nurse:

A nurse’s role in maintaining health and wellbeing amongst individuals and whanau’s is similar in community work, which is different to working one-on-one in an institution where the nurse focuses on the biomedical aspects of health. Nurses who maintain community health (individual and whanau) focus on illness prevention, and if an individual is ill, then the focus is on rehabilitation and recovery (Clendon et al, 2019). As a student nurse I knew the importance of being aware of individuals perspectives and ideas of health in order to provide the best healthcare, as according to the Nursing Council New Zealand (2012), for a nurse to be able to maintain health and wellbeing amongst individuals and whanau’s, they must first be aware of and prioritise other patients views on health and treat accordingly, so before beginning with the wellness check questionnaire I first asked Sarah what her view on health was.

Health literacy:

Health literacy is defined as the ability to find, understand, and facilitate information regarding health and its services, in order to be able to make knowledgeable and relevant health decisions (Ministry of Health, 2015). (Health Navigator, 2018) In New Zealand, the healthcare system has high health literacy demands – this comes with complications as over 50% of the adult population struggles with health literacy, and 80% of Maori men as well as 75% Maori women have poor health literacy

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