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Essay about Racism in America Education

Essay about Racism in America Education

Racism in America Education


`                    America is yet to overcome the challenge of racial inequality within its education system. The country is failing to effectively use the breakthroughs of the 19th and 20th century to fight racial bias in the education system.  Decision makers within the education department are yet to implement the recommendations of historical events like the court’s ruling against racial segregation in the learning institutions. A significant number of the management and the society have differing perceptions of how the historical events should influence measures adopted to eliminate financial bias, a condition that has promoted steps that increase racial prejudice. Therefore the current schools enhance racial discrimination which contradicts the Americanization goal of improving educational equality. It is therefore undeniable that there is a need to understand why racial inequality is a rampant problem despite the historic breakthrough on the issue. Further, it is necessary to know whether the learning institutions promote or discourage racial bias.

Racism in the united state education history

Racial discrimination is central in the United States education system. Statistics by America’s  Department of Education’s Office indicates that the black, and Native American students are unable to acquire arithmetic and scientific reading materials. The students are mostly taught by the first-year instructors, unlike the white students who have an opportunity to learn advanced arithmetic causes like calculus from competent instructors. The rate of suspending the Africa-America children is three times more than that of expelling an American child (Hsieh, 2015). The department has also introduced a new measure called pre-K level of evaluating the severity of racial bias in schools. The test has revealed that African Americans children who are four years old have experienced unfair treatment from the school management.

The American educational institutions are also promoting racial discrimination in schools using strategies that were popular in history. For instance, the universities in America attracts candidates from around the world thus creating stiff competition amongst the students. Research suggests that only 10% of the applicants secure an opportunity to study in the prestigious universities.  Therefore, the wealthy parents who are mostly white pay for their children’s tutoring, extracurricular activities, and admissions coaching activities to guarantee their acceptance.  Students from the minority races tend to lack resources to pay for educatio

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