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Essay on Environmental Pollution

Essay on Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Given increasing concerns for environmental conservation, the paper aims to assess the impact of different forms of pollution on the environment and how these can be mitigated. As Yao, Yin and Faiola (431) provide, environmental pollutants can no longer be considered a localized issue. It is a global problem since the ease of international trade in recent decades allows pollution problems faced in one country to rapidly move across borders into previously unaffected population. Of greater concern is the fact that previous toxicity testing methods failed to accurately capture the degree at which specific pollutants negatively impact on the healthy development of human health (Yao, Yin and Faiola 430). The present focus is towards engaging pollution as a human health challenge demanding greater specificity such as in vitro toxicology testing.

Earlier methodologies employed to study effects of pollution on human health presented researchers with numerous limitations. Most toxicology measures related to environmental pollution depended on animal testing and conventional in-vitro assays. However, it is now evident that the challenges that such methods impose significant challenges on researchers. As Yao, Yin and Faiola (430) use facts to highlight that the high fidelity theory first brought to fore in 1959 suggests that interspecific variations occurring between animals and human beings undermine the validity and reliability of environmental pollution based studies. For instance, it is becoming highly improbable that research findings derived from animal testing can be used in decision making relative to human health. Feller (para 1) alludes to this truth noting that through the use of stem cells, it is now possible

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