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Engl 2311 project 3 Lone Star College System Professors: Sherry Noonan

Engl 2311 project 3 Lone Star College System Professors: Sherry Noonan

Project #3

Project number 3 involves a series of business-related documents and procedures.

Read all these instructions before beginning.

The first part of this project involves some research and careful note taking. 

Fortunately, Purdue OWL has a terrific and comprehensive section on the very topics I want you to familiarize yourself with. Follow this link to the OWL site:


Once at the website, there will be a series of short videos that accompany each page. I want you to watch the short videos and take notes of anything that sounds new to you or that you believe will be useful in the real world. Remember, as you complete the project, you can always return to the site to refresh your memory.

In addition to the videos, there are PowerPoint slides. I know–PowerPoints can be boring. Nonetheless, click through the Pp slides and take appropriate notes as instructed for the videos.

Third, I want you to click all the links along the left side of the page, and read the information you find there.

Now–why am I having you watch, listen to, and read all of this? Considering that we do not use a textbook in my section of this class, I find the information wherever it is available to you at no cost. [the magic of the Internet]

Here is what I want you to submit to me for this 200-point project:

Imagine that you are creating a textbook chapter that applies to any of the technical writing concepts presented in the above research. Ask yourself these questions: What content do I include in my chapter? How do I include the material in a way that people would want to use my chapter? What graphics, illustrations, links, etc. will I include? etc.?

After you have a good idea, begin drafting this chapter. It should be 5 pages long (with original but limited graphics). All information must be paraphrased or original. Paraphrased material must contain a direct link to where the original material was obtained. Only use direct quotations for material that cannot be written in original language or otherwise paraphrased. Do not copy-and-paste or write any phrases word-for-word. This must be your original textbook chapter.

Any graphics must be your original graphics or “royalty-free” images.

Do not plagiarize any language or violate any copyrights. 

Feel free to communicate with and share ideas with you teams. Sharing ideas is not only ethical, but essential in technical composition. To be clear–share ideas, include similar material, have teammates look at your work and offer constructive criticism, offer suggestions. Do not copy or otherwise repeat identical information exactly as others.

Once complete, you will submit your final product to the following ‘Turnitin’ assignment.

Be creative; think outside the box; be original; make a chapter that is genuinely useful.

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