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Essay on Energy Efficient Home

Essay on Energy Efficient Home

Quest for Energy Efficient Home

Energy consumers are aware of the fact that the energy market is likely to get tougher on them relative to pricing of the essential commodity. It is easy to understand the reasons why electricity pricing is bound to increase going forward. For instance, transmission lines, step generators, substations, electricity poles, and other related resources have to be upgraded on an ongoing basis (Gomez). The cost of such upgrades is finally passed on to the end user. However, to an energy efficiency savvy electricity consumer, one can employ a rather straightforward strategy towards reducing consumption levels within the homestead thus realizing energy saving which translates lower electric power related expenditures (Gomez). For one to successfully achieve such a goal, it is imperative to collect data on present energy use at home, technology used, the type of energy expended, performance issues, as well as appliance costs. This is inadvertently linked to the type of home an individual or family lives in.

Familiarization Phase

I reside in a single family attached home located in Bexar County, Texas. Our house boasts the single family detached home (SFDH) construction design where two walls on either side of the house are shared with the adjacent homes. It was constructed in 1983 and spans 125.42square meters accommodating 12 rooms. It is a one storied house with a fireplace. Energy needs are met through use of metered supply of natural gas and electricity. There is disaggregating consumption of energy during two parts of each year namely winter and summer. Summer time witnesses greater energy consumption for purposes of cooling while winter months take up a considerable amount of energy for heating (Gomez). Basically, energy bills tend to rise as temperatures increase. At our home, I can categorize energy use as indicated in the table below.

Heating and air conditioning Electric

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