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Essay on Emotions Informal Experiments

Essay on Emotions Informal Experiments


In most cases, individuals confuse between thoughts and feelings. A thought is a process or act of considering something through the use of the mind. A thought can also be the product of the thinking process. On the other hand, a feeling refers to an emotion that develops when one interacts with his or her immediate environment (Denzin 162). Confusion also arises on establishing which of these two terms triggers the occurrence of the other. Some stipulate that thoughts causes feelings, while others believe that thoughts are caused by feelings. This paper entails a report on my experience after considering my thoughts and the forms of feelings that I will experience as a result.

In most cases, the nature of thoughts that I experience usually correlates with the feelings. For example, whenever I notice that my thoughts are positive, the feelings that result are also positive. When I anticipate that the I will succeed in doing something, I always feels happy and contented. In addition, these positive feelings that results after positive thoughts, also creates more possibilities in my life. Positive thoughts open up my mind, which results to the buildup of more options that are attractive, attainable, and achievable. On the other hand, whenever my thoughts are negative, the resulting feelings are also negative (Lance 2013). For example, when I anticipate that I will not succeed in doing something, I usually feel sad or frustrated. This thought limits my level of confidence, affects my performances and paralyzes my mental skills.

Considering the feelings that results after experiencing positive or negative thoughts, I can really believe that feelings are caused by thoughts. Positive thoughts causes positive feelings while negative ones results to negative feelings.

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