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Essay on Emily Bronte Love and Friendship

Essay on Emily Bronte Love and Friendship


The poem Love and Friendship by Emily Bronte provides similarities and differences between friendship and love. In this regard, the poet displays each of them as two different types of plants. She also examines the manner in which both plants respond in diverse circumstances (Brontë 186). Based on her argument, both friendship and romance are characterized by dissimilar reactions just like changes in the seasons. Therefore, only one will survive during unforgiving and harsh weather of winter (Brontë 186).

Bronte likens romance to a “wild rose-briar”. In most cases, a rose flower is often connected with romantic concepts. However, she uses the term wild rose providing special twist to the situation. A wild rose develops without planned gardening. Therefore, its unlimited quality endow it restlessness (Brontë 186). In this regard, the author suggests that romance can be compared to a re

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