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Marketing Plan for Eliza Fitness Center

Marketing Plan for Eliza Fitness Center

Marketing Plan for Eliza Fitness Center


Eliza fitness center is a health club with full-service operations designed to offer clean, friendly and fully equipped environment for the top fitness experience. It also provide a wide range of services such as massage therapy, bed salon and airbrush tanning, group fitness classes, personal training, and workout equipment. Eliza Fitness Center offer unique services from the traditional fitness centers especially in terms of customer experience, amenities, machines, and space (Pinto & Yagnik, 2017). The center uses innovative marketing strategies and branding aiming to enhance the publicity of the products.

Brand strategy for your product

The brand strategy for Eliza fitness center is essential as it helps in operating a successful business especially in terms of distinguishing the business apart from the rivalry and creating its own identity that will entice new customers and persuade existing customers to maintain their cooperation with the business (McKnight, Paugh, McKnight, Zuccaro & Tornabene, 2014). More importantly, branding must evidently communicate the philosophy that moves the fitness center business and deliver the best quality of the center’s staff, facilities and coaching methods. The key aim of branding is to assist the fitness center to stand out from the competition.

Brand name

The brand name is Eliza Fitness Center. Meanwhile, Eliza Fitness Center represent robust and shift source of change and activity among the customers. It also displays dynamism, which helps to attract new customers (Goslar, 2016).


Beside a special name for the company, the business needs t

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