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Electoral College Essay -1013 Words

Electoral College Essay -1013 Words

Arizona and Federal Government (Grand Canyon University)

The electoral College and popular vote is a controversial topic that has been debated since its creation. The Electoral College can be beneficial by providing power to minority states; however, previous elections such as 2000 and 2016 have proven the it may be time for the Electoral College to be replaced.
Electoral College

The Electoral College is made up of individuals from each state who represent both political parties. Its function is to help elect a new president, the original function of the Electoral College was a system that allowed for both government and people to elect a new president.
How and When it was Created?

The Electoral College was created by the founding fathers in the twelfth amendment in the constitution of America in 1787. Before the electoral college was purposed, founding fathers debated many other ideas such as having congress elect the president and having the popular vote directly pick the president (Kimberling, W., n.d.). All ideas were eventually turned down for reasons such as too much government involvement and fear of citizens not being able to make accurate choices due to lack of information. Eventually a committee proposed that the president be indirectly elected by a group, a College of Electors (Kimberling, W., n.d.). Therefore, the College of Electors turned into the Electoral College to create the perfect balance between government and citizen involvement.

Why was it Created?

The Electoral College was created to help ensure that the presidential election was both fair for the government and the people. Founding fathers

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