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eHarmony Essay


How have the conservative Christian views of the founder affected eHarmony?

eHarmony was founded in 1998 by Neil C. Warren and Greg Forgatch as mate selection and matching online company (Piskorwski, Halaburda & Smith, 2008). It got its much needed breakthrough in 2001 after it was featured in a Christian Radio program. Warren had a good relationship with the evangelical organization that had published a number of his earlier written work. His Christian conservative views on mate selection and marriage played a significant role in enabling his company to focus on a particular segment of the match making online business market. His conservative views also helped the company steer into a direction which ensured strong ethical values and morals were adhered to at eHarmony (Piskorwski, Halaburda & Smith, 2008). This was such that there was a criterion allowing for interested persons seeking to find relationships on the eHarmony mate selection platform. This conservative attribute embraced by Warr

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