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Effects Of Education Technology Essay

Effects Of Education Technology Essay

Effects Of Education Technology


The young students are become addicted to the internet, as studies suggest that children are spending more than fifty hours on the digital media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. According to Digital Nations (Dreitzen) countries like South Korea are declaring addiction to gaming a public health crisis because over 90% of the children use the internet daily. The problem has even resulted in death as some of the young people ignore feeding to play and end up dying. The Korean government has set up rescue centers to help the internet addict recover. The essay illustrates how students spend too much time on social media and gaming, and little time accessing on Education, and useful information online. The also will also explain why the student spend little time learning on line.


Students are spending a minimal amount of time accessing education-related information. An example of such a case is that of a 15-year-old from South Korea. The student plays for 8 hours a day and is up all weekend to play games. The student performance has dropped as he is not using the internet for learning purposes. Previously the child was among the top performers in his course, but now he is in the bottom half of the class. The boy is unable to communicate when asked questions; such are the adverse effects of the internet on learning.

Sherry Turkle who is a professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a university which teaches the world’s most talented student says that the internet has necessitated changing the approach of teaching the students. Adapting new teaching m

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