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Editorial Evaluation


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APA Paper instructions:Read an editorial in a current newspaper (hard copy or online), and write a 3 page, double spaced, essay evaluating the argument skills it demonstrates, using your answers to the six questions about the strengths and weaknesses of arguments to help you decide whether or not the editorial is a good argument or not. Please do not just answer these questions; turn your responses into a coherent, organized essay with a clear thesis and good support for your inferences. Please use Calibri, 12-point font.

6 Questions – What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of this Argument?

1)    – Are the reasons adequate to support the conclusion?

2)    – Are there any hidden assumptions in this argument?

3)    – Are any central words ambiguous or slanted to incite prejudice?

4)    – Are there fallacies in reasoning?

5)    – Is any important information omitted?

6)    – Is ay information false, contradictory, or irreconcilable?