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Essay about Domain Development-1200 Words

Essay about Domain Development-1200 Words

The development of children begins at birth and progress to adulthood. The effective completion of developmental milestones assists the child to achieve full potential. Physical development of a child only covers one domain of his or her early childhood development. The early childhood teacher plays a crucial role in facilitating the language, cognitive and physical development that determines the future success of the child in adulthood (Ahola & Kovacik, 2007). Domain-specific learning theories of childhood development suggest that there are various independent, specific knowledge structures instead of specific knowledge structures. Therefore, the effects of one domain do not affect the other independent domains (Becker & Becker, 2009). For instance, a teacher role in physical development does not affect the cognitive development.

Physical development of a child involves the way a child progresses and develops physically. Physical development of a child involves learning balance and movement as well. During the physical development of a child, the balance improves. A child is able to walk on a line or small balance beam (Brooks-Gunn, Fuligni, & Berlin, 2003). Additionally, he or she is stable when standing on one of the foot. A child also develops skills to catch or throw a ball, walk down and up the stairs without help of the teacher (Ahola & Kovacik, 2007). These skills are distinguished into two main categories. Gross motor skills apply large groups of muscles in the legs, arms and trunks. A teacher helps the child in climbing, crawling, skipping, walking, jumping, running and rolling that enhances the process of physical development. In addition to taht, an early childhood teacher helps the child to learn to apply all the big muscles in the body (Martin, Fabes & Fabes, 2009). The fine motor skills help the child to apply small muscles. An early childhood teacher assists the child to use fingers for exercises such as using a fork, fas

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