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Does Marijuana Stagnate the Cognitive Development of Adolescents

Does Marijuana Stagnate the Cognitive Development of Adolescents

A basic component of academic research is the Annotated Bibliography, which is a list of all of the sources you have found during your research so far, and that you may use in whatever project you are working on.  My goal for this assignment is to force you to begin doing some research early and explain what your overall plan for the project is.  After I review your Annotated Bibliography, we will have a conference about it so that I can give you advice on how to move forward with your research and the project in general.

The Annotated Bibliography is a list of the sources you have found so far.  The list is in alphabetical order as it would be on your Works Cited page, and includes a full citation for each source as it would appear on your Works Cited page.  However, in addition, an Annotated Bibliography includes an annotation for each source, which is basically a summary of the source and some commentary on why the source is useful to your project.  Include an annotation for each source you have collected so far.  Here is a sample annotated bibliography (Links to an external site.).

At the end of the list of sources, also include several paragraphs of explanation of your plan for the essay.  Explain what controversial issue the essay will focus on.  Explain how the research sources you’ve collected so far contribute to your understanding of the problem (do they present an argument, relevant evidence, etc), and what your tentative argument is at this point.

The purpose of the Annotated Bibliography is to motivate you to begin your research early, to begin evaluating your research sources, and to begin thinking about how they might fit together in your paper.  In addition, this assignment asks you to put together your Works Cited page citations now, so that you’re not scrambling to do them at the last minute. 

This assignment also helps give me a clearer sense of where you are headed with your Research Essay so that I can better advise you and help you generate ideas.  It also allows me to identify any problems with your controversy or sources early on.

Sample Entry from an Annotated Bibliography
Here is an example of a single entry from an Annotated Bibliography.  Your will have a list of 4 of these, plus the 2-3 paragraphs of explanation of your plan for the essay.  As you can see, first comes the Works Cited page citation information for the source. Directly below the citation is an annotation of the sources—a brief summary plus how it’s useful.

McNamee, Tom. “Ida B Wells – Big and Bad.”  Chicago Sun Times. Chicago Sun Times, 7 Dec. 1986. Web. 8 Jan. 2009.

McNamee explains the poor living conditions of the Ida B. Wells housing project and makes the implicit argument that several factors contribute to the problems experienced by the area.  He uses several different sources of information to support his argument.  He describes the area and the buildings’ condition; interviews residents and experts on the history of Chicago public housing; describes how the lay-out and design of the buildings affect the community; and explains how gang violence, vandalism, crime and a culture of poverty all contribute to the area’s problems.  McNamee’s overall purpose seems to be to inform readers of the terrible living conditions experienced by residents and to identify the major factors contributing to the situation.  This source provides a general overview of the problems in the Ida B Wells, some background on the area, as well as essential statistics about the project and the people living there.  It will be useful both for that kind of factual information as well as for McNamee’s explanations of where these problems have come from.

The Annotated Bibliography – Draft Due Nov. 14, 2021The Annotated Bibliography – Draft Due Nov. 14, 2021

For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography containing a list of sources pertaining to your chosen topic. As you continue your research and develop your list of sources, you will probably need to narrow or tweak your topic in order to make the list manageable. While you must end up with 12 academic articles, all of which are directly relevant to your topic, your initial list may well have many more sources. Remember, your primary goal here is to choose sources that address your topic directly.  You should also choose sources that reflect a variety of perspectives on your topic and choose newer sources over older ones as a general rule.  Please make sure that your annotated bibliography includes the following:

  1. A claim, stated succinctly at the top
  2. Twelve (12) evaluative” entries (each citation is followed by a brief (usually about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph,that states the purpose of the annotation and its relevance to your research.  It must also include the accuracy, and quality of the source cited.)
  3. A book
  4. A journal article (this could include a book review)
  5. A referenced work
  6. At least one primary source
  7. At least six electronic databases. Two to three (NO MORE) internet sources (and good ones – do not use any from Wikipedia!)  This DOES NOT include articles downloaded from BAS, JSTOR, or Project Muse.

Your annotated bibliography should have a MINIMUM of twelve sources. Be sure to cover the numbered requirements above.  Entries should have a minimum of 150 words each.  You will create your assignment in MS Word and upload to the Turnitin link.

Finally, do not forget that entries should be ordered ALPHABETICALLY BY AUTHOR (or by title, if there is no author), NOT enumerated in some otherwise random order.  I have attached a design template for you to use as a guide upon composing your bibliography.

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