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Dissertation Topic

Dissertation Topic

Choosing a topic for your final year research project may not be easy. Your dissertation is the most important piece of work for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree because it determines whether you will graduate to the next level or not. It is for this reason that you need to be very careful when choosing your dissertation topic.

How to Select a Good Topic for Your Dissertation

Select an interesting topic

Unlike other assignments, a dissertation paper takes many weeks or months to complete. Choosing an interesting topic that is perhaps related to your career or inspired by an interesting subject under your module will boost your motivation to work on the paper. Choosing a topic that benefits your career further gives you a good footing in your job search or job promotion. On the other hand, selecting a topic that you are not interested in makes the task more challenging. Lack of motivation to research on the topic makes the task lengthier and puts you at risk of failing to complete the paper on time.

Choose a unique topic

It is wiser to select a topic that has not been explored much rather than one which has exhaustively been discussed. Carrying out a research under a common topic robs you the chance to carry out your own research and come to a unique conclusion. You could however carryout a research under a common topic but choose to approach the problem from a different angle giving your research a unique twist to it. One of the most important benefits of selecting a unique topic is that the dissertation piques the examiner’s interest. In addition to that, your research adds more insight to the unique topic that you have selected.

Avoid being vague in your topic selection

A good dissertation paper should be as precise as possible in its explanation of the chosen phenomenon. Choosing an idea that is too broad makes the research confusing because there are too many sub-topics to discuss. A broad topic makes it extremely difficult to draw a concise conclusion and this may most probably be the reason why you fail to graduate to the next level. Hence it is advisable to narrow the topic as much as you possibly can.

Do not select a narrow topic

Selecting a narrow topic that has very little to talk about may make it difficult for you to achieve the required word count. When making you research proposal, select a question that can be create a standard argument and not one that can easily be addressed with a “yes” or “no” answer.

Be Objective

Do not just choose a topic because it interests you. It is important to take a step back when you choose the topic and analyze it from the perspective of an outsider to make sure that your argument is strong enough. Choosing a topic because you love it may make you blind to all its weaknesses and this may ultimately make you fail.

Seek help from a professional

Writing your dissertation is important not only for your education but for your career as well. You may be a bright student but you may not know everything and you may not always be right. Seeking help from a professional allows you to see things from a different perspective. It could give your research some insights that could make your dissertation even better.

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