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Dissertation Topic

Dissertation Topic

Choosing a
topic for your final year research project may not be easy. Your dissertation
is the most important piece of work for your undergraduate or postgraduate
degree because it determines whether you will graduate to the next level or
not. It is for this reason that you need to be very careful when choosing your
dissertation topic.

How to Select a Good Topic for Your Dissertation

Select an interesting topic

Unlike other assignments, a dissertation paper takes many weeks or months to complete. Choosing an interesting topic that is perhaps related to your career or inspired by an interesting subject under your module will boost your motivation to work on the paper. Choosing a topic that benefits your career further gives you a good footing in your job search or job promotion. On the other hand, selecting a topic that you are not interested in makes the task more challenging. Lack of motivation to research on the topic makes the task lengthier and puts you

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