Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation Proposal

What is a
dissertation proposal?

It is a research plan that explains what you want to research about, how you intend to conduct the research, and where and when you would like to do it. In case you have been searching ''where can I get a dissertation proposal?'' you are now covered.A research proposal shows why the research should be carried out, discusses what is already known and state the current problem. A research proposal also indicates where the research will be conducted, what shall be under study and the methodology that will be used to complete it.

The problem
definition answers the what and why question whereas the answers to the other
questions are incorporated into the research design.

Why is dissertation proposal writing important?

Writing a dissertation proposal is important because it is like a table of content which gives you step by step guidance on how you shall undertake the research. Simply put, it sets the course of your dissertation.

Steps to
writing a dissertation proposal

The first step in writing a dissertation proposal is choosing an appropriate topic. The topic should be relevant to your field of study and narrow enough. Selecting a broad topic will require more research time and therefore you may not complete it by the end of your course. Writers at essayprowess.com could assist you to select the best topic to work on if you are not sure of the topic to select.

deciding on the topic, go ahead and place your word target then make an outline
of the dissertation. The outline should highlight the questions you hope to
answer with your research, the type of data you aim to use in your research and
where you shall get the data from and a description of the sort of analysis you
intend to carry out.

Please note
that different courses require different dissertation proposal structure and
length and therefore if you are not sure of the structure to use for your
proposal, do not hesitate to reach out to us for help.

  • Introduction

In this
section, you ought to state the main research question and give some background
information on the topic in this section

  • Methodology

dissertation methodology indicates what sources you will use and what sort of
data you will collect. You should also specify whether you will use
quantitative or qualitative methods to carry out your research.

  • Aims and Objectives

List the aims
and objectives of your research in this section. You may also state how you
intend to achieve the objectives.

  • A literature Review

In this
section, list all the books and other reference materials that you used to
gather information. Analyze and discuss the relevance of the selected resource
materials to your research. You could as well discuss a little of research that
had previously been carried out under the topic and how the methodology differs
from your chosen methodology. 

  • Research Limitations

In this section, list and briefly discuss the limitations you expect while carrying out your research. This shows that you have a clear understanding of the issue under study.

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