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Dissertation Abstract

What is a dissertation Abstract

A dissertation Abstract is a brief summary of the whole dissertation that usually takes up not more than one A4 size page. A dissertation abstract is presented just after the preface and before table of content and it is the first item that the external examiner will look at when he takes up your dissertation. Hence a dissertation abstract should be taken as an opportunity to set accurate expectation for the paper. It is not a simple introduction, a preface, or a preamble which prepares the reader for the thesis in advance. A good dissertation abstract should be able to substitute the whole dissertation when the time for reviewing the dissertation is limited. 

How to write a Dissertation Abstract.

A dissertation should have a particular structure and size. Currently, a Master’s thesis should have approximately 150 words maximum according to Canada’s National Archives while a Doctoral dissertation should have 350 words maximum. Most abstract are written as a single d

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