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discussion questions. 34

500 words i will send essay to aid in answering the question.
Now that you have conducted research and completed your annotated bibliography has your opinion on the topic stayed the same or changed in some way? As you reflect on your feedback in 200 to 300 words present a plan for the argument you will be presenting in your paper. In a few sentences each identify and explain the following items for your specific argument:
500 words
In the news report2020 9/26: Out of the Woods about a young girl who was nearly stabbed to death by her two friends while at a slumber party all the girls involved were 12 years old. The report triggered a debate about whether the girls who committed the crime should be charged as adults with a possible waiver to adult court. Discuss whether or not you agree/disagree with the prosecution. Remember that while the question asks for your opinion we are looking for informed opinions based on the course material or independent outside research.

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