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Disability: ADHD

You are required to complete a statement of the disability, diagnosis, characteristics, treatment, and modifications/coping mechanisms. In other words, you will create a “mental picture” of the potential student not only for yourself, but for your reader as well.

                                           Disability: ADHD 

I have uploaded an example and the grading rubric. All questions must be answered. 

1. Statement of Disability (What is it?) ADHD

2. Diagnosis and Evaluation of Disability (How do you know if someone has it?)  

3. Characteristics of Disability (What are common characteristics?) 

4. Treatments for disabilities (remember these will not always be 

medical, but may include therapy, training, etc.)

5. Classroom modifications/coping mechanisms (at least 15 required) 

6. Deduction for grammatical and spelling errors (1/2 point per error)