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Developmental Psychology

i. Here, you will explore the different types of relationships that you currently have with your peers, as well as the purpose of those relationships in your life. For instance, perhaps you have roommates that are great study partners, where you provide one another with lots of encouragement and support during midterms and finals week. Perhaps you belong to a sorority or fraternity, where your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers provide you with emotional support, like now, during this time of uncertainty. Perhaps you have life-long friends, who you stay connected to through a group text, because you all bring laughter into one another’s lives. Maybe you have a close friend or romantic partner, who has always played a huge role in your life and you depend on this person in a lot of ways. Remember, your peer relationships might be positive or negative in nature. If you find yourself reflecting on a lot of negative aspects of your current relationships with peers, then you should explore why these relationships are important to you.

ii. Here, you will recognize each of the relationships you discussed above and explore (a) aspects of these peer relationships that bring you joy, as well as (b) aspects of these peer relationships that might cause you pause or uncertainty. Perhaps your close friend is always positive and encouraging but is not always there for you when you need him the most. How does that make you feel? Perhaps you have a childhood friend, whose life is going in a different direction thanyours. How does that make you feel? Should you share your feelings with your friend? (C) Have you ever experienced any type of peer pressure or harassment when trying to connect with peers both in and outside of the school context?

Explain what happened and how you coped? Be sure to make links, if possible, to the readings and in-class discussions. Based on what you have written thus far, you will now discuss (a) what healthy relationships with your peers look and feel like to you. Based on this description, you will then discuss (b) if your current relationships are worth keeping and why (perhaps they positively impact your personal growth), (b) if certain relationships are worth leaving and why (perhaps they negatively impact your mental health), and (c) how moving forward, you will work to make sure that you are developing and cultivating healthy relationships with your peers that align with your values.

Use the articles posted on Black Board, as well as our in-class notes. Use in-text citations (see notation above).

Pull together what you discussed, in the sub-headings, in order to provide some concluding remarks on the assessment of your mental health in regards to your relationships with peers. Discuss next steps in terms of effectively monitoring your mental health, as it relates to your peer relationships, so as to successfully engage in college life.

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