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Developing a Democracy Essay

Developing a Democracy Essay

Developing a Democracy

The current political landscape poses a complex international challenge to democracy since it is shaped by globalization, changes in geopolitical powers, variations in responsibilities and structure of national syndicates. Notably, the transnational incidences like migrations affect the dynamics of engagements and economic growth, nationality, and sovereignty of a country (International IDEA, 2017). The level of democracy in a nation is significantly challenged from within by the political leaders that are reluctant to respect the rule of law and to hand over authority peacefully. Equally, voter apathy and mistrust of political parties including politicians have made citizens to find alternative approaches of political discourse and engagements (International IDEA, 2017). As such, integration of representative government is among the better option in promoting democracy in developing nations.

Venezuela Political History and Current Barriers to Democracy

Since the election of Hugo Chavez as president of Venezuela in 1999, the country became divided between the followers and opponent

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