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Sample Essay about Descartes Mediations

Sample Essay about Descartes Mediations

Descartes Mediations

The Fifth Meditation

In the fifth meditation, Descartes turns her attention towards material things, and was determined to gather extensive truths concerning them. He questions her ideas concerning the material objects and identifies that shape, size, extension, local motion and position are associated with duration. Consecutively, Descartes also perceives that there are a number of abstract geometrical objects which rarely exist in the material world and do not bother her mind, but they are not nothing. According to her, here are numerous things which do not exist in this world, but they cannot be ignored. For example, in this world there are no triangles, but they have some sort of being. Regardless of whether triangles exist outside the mind of an individual, they do have a great essence in the world, which is independent to an individual`s mind (Rene 23). Moreov

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