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Demonstrate your understanding of crime prevention programs and the role crime

Demonstrate your understanding of crime prevention programs and the role crime

''Paper instructions:The purpose of the Final Project is to demonstrate your understanding of crime prevention programs and the role crime prevention plays in the overall criminal justice system. You may select a crime prevention program that addresses law enforcement, the courts, or corrections; or it may be a comprehensive program that addresses all three. The program may address the adult justice system, juvenile justice systems, or both.
For the purposes of this assignment, assume you are preparing a proposal to a city, county, or state governmental body to recommend the implementation of a crime prevention program within their jurisdiction. You need to demonstrate the value of the crime prevention program and its effectiveness in reducing crime, which in turn will reduce the overall costs to the jurisdiction and justify the additional expenditures to the community''


Crime Prevention


            Crime is a huge issue among urban dwellers (Jeon & Jeong, 2016). Some of the cities in the United States have reported cases of high crime rate. Chicago is among the cities that have reported high crime rate over the past years. It has attracted the attention of the leaders as the crime rate continues to increase (Berman, 2016). Various crime prevention programs have been introduced so as to deal with the cases of violence as well as other crimes. Crime prevention is different from crime control as it is established before crimes are committed. There are various crime prevention programs, one of them is the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. It is among the standard programs in the United States. The program focuses on identifying physical and social environment conditions that would allow crime. It helps in changing them so that there are minimal chances of the crime occurring. The particular program will work well in preventing crime in Chicago as it minimizes the vulnerability to crime.

            Over the past few years, violence in Chicago has highly increased. Chicago is a multicultural city that works on encouraging harmony as well as the diversity of its neighborhood. It occupies an area of 60,000 hectares, and it is known for sports (Facts & Statistics, n.d.). In 2015, the population rate was estimated at 2,720,546 people (Population estimates, 2016). Despite the positive facts about the city, it is evident that violence is a major issue.  Such cases are blamed on the deterioration of the quality of policing in the city. Although Chicago has been reporting a decrease in arrest rate, research shows that most of the murders have been intentionally misclassified as non-murders. Nationally, the arrest rate has been relatively constant; nevertheless, this is not the case with Chicago (Lott, 2017). The city can also be compared with other leading cities such as New York City and Los Angeles which are leading in the rates of violent crimes. According to the report, the rate of violent crime in New York is 596.7 while that of Los Angeles is 490.71 (Johnson, 2015).  The report shows that the three cities have recorded a high rate of repeat offenders. Criminals in these areas can target vulnerable areas. Despite the fact that there have been measures to minimize the crime rate it appears that criminals can find new targets. In Chicago, the problem is mainly linked to poor policing.

         Various types of crime prevention strategies are used to deal with crime problems in different areas.  For instance, in the Chicago Area Project is a crime prevention program that was established so as to address crimes in the most vulnerable areas. The program aimed at minimizing juvenile delinquency, people hold meetings where they discuss issues concerning the community. There are also activities for children who were breaking the law. Such measures are used so as to minimize cases of recidivism (Schneider, 2016). The aim of CAP is to rehabilitate young children who are an example of tertiary crime prevention.  Recidivism is among the most important concepts in the criminal justice system. It is a person’s repeat of a crime behavior. Although there has been an increase in recidivism nationally, cases of repeat crime in Chicago has stood out. The report shows that it has a high rate of homicide compared to New York and Los Angeles.

         There is also a high rate of repeat offenders who continue to terrorize people in the city. Reports show that there is a high rate of repeat victimization in Chicago compared to New York and Los Angeles. The two cities have been able to control crime rates compared to Chicago. According, to research it is also evident that some areas are more prone to crime compared to others (Berman, 2016). For i

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