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Democratic history of the United States Essay

Democratic history of the United States Essay

Democratic history of the United States

In comparison to all other systems of governance, democracy rises above as being the most decent system of governance. The US is a country which highly regards adherence to democratic maxims as guiding principles for its political, social and economic establishments. In democratic societies, members regardless of social quo, political affiliation, gender or race possess the power allowing them to participate in decision making process that may affect their lives (Alexander and Chandra 25). Other forms of governance tend to concentrate such powers among a select few of the elite in society. This paper seeks to delve into the history of democracy in the US and more so offer insights into the significance of a written constitution to a democratic government. This paper will also discuss how democracy in the US today differs from democracy in the former US colonies.

History of democracy in the US

The founding fathers of the United States of America sought to have independence from the British Imperial Empire for a number of reasons. One of the most significant is that the people living in the US colonies felt cheated with regard to tax collection by the British colonial administration which did not serve to improve the lives of people living in the colonies (Alexander and Chandra 32). People sought to have their own system of self governance where the right of every person allowed for

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