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Crisis Communication Operation Procedures Plan Essay

Crisis Communication Operation Procedures Plan Essay

Department of Defense Crisis Communication Operation Procedures Plan




In cases of dirty bomb detonation exercise, the government, the Pentagon, and the FEMA need to design proper communication mechanisms in order to avert any crisis. If proper planning does not take place, the nation would incur huge damages. The first step in developing a communication plan is by conducting a vulnerability audits (Bonn, & Baker, 2000, p. 3). This will help to avoid operational response breakdown as well as increase the awareness to the stakeholders involved in the process of evading crisis. Crisis management should be as effective as possible since they would affect the health of people. The management should be proactive when preparing for a crisis (Defense, 2009, p. 10). In this regard, they should put in place the Crisis Communication Teams in order to brainstorm potential crises. In addition, the defense department should train and identify the spokespersons during the crisis (Bonn, & Baker, 2000). Besides, they should establish the monitoring and notification systems such as instant SMS and phone calls as well as emails. Post-crisis analyses should focus on how to care for the affected people. In case there is a report of crisis such as dirty bomb detonation, the Crisis Communication procedures begin when the report is delivered to the National Military Command Center (NMCC) (Mallon, 2002).

The institute will explain when the event is recognized, the characteristics of the problem and related problems. The Department of Defense will be involved in the situation monitoring where the available data will be utilized such as strategic intelligence sources, routine observations, and television news broadcast (Defense, 2009). Moreover, the sources should follow a chain of command from a viewer to supervisor to high-ranking military personnel to unified command officer (Bullock, Haddow, & Coppola, 2012). However, the Pentagon through the cable news report first identifies and receives the report. Moreover, the occurrence of the detonation is assessed to determine the potential of adverse effects on the health and the interests of the U.S. nationals and national security (Gantz, & Philpott, 2013). A report of the occasion comes from different sources such as TV news or unit commander (Bonn, & Baker, 2000). Nonetheless, the focal point of reporting is the National Military Communication Center (NMCC) in Washington, D.C. Initially, the NMCC may use any means of reporting but the two crucial reporting methods are Critical Intelligence Report (CRITIC) and other OPREP-3 PINNACLE (OPREP-3P) (Gantz, & Philpott, 2013).

Faraday cage is also known as Faraday’s shield and is useful in protecting electronic devices from electromagnetic discharges and electromagnetic discharges. It protects people from electromagnetic pulse from the nuclear bomb detonation (Chandler, 2014). Faraday cage protects its components from static electric fields. An electric field is an energy field that surrounds a charged particle like proton or electron (Mallon, 2002). The structure is cage-like; hence, it absorbs electromagnetic charges and electromagnetic radiation and dispenses them to the exterior of the cage.

Electromagnetic radiation from the nuclear bomb detonation is ultraviolet, and undesirable, hence, it is a health hazard to the lives of human beings. If nuclear bombs were detonated a thousand miles above the United States, they would damage electronic components in the entire country (Defense, 2009). Indeed, it would influence the crucial infrastructure such as energy networks, communication networks, food and water distribution as well as human health (Bonn, & Baker, 2000). In this regard, Faradays cage plays an important role in canceling radiations or charges within its interior surface. It acts as a hollow conductor in which the radiations and charges remain on the external surface of the cage (Chandler, 2014). Electromagnetic pulse is caused by the detonation of a large bomb or nuclear arsenal.

The military operation uses a Faraday cage, which is basically a metal box, designed to soak up and divert the electromagnetic pulse. Faraday cage is simple and cheap since it provides shield to electrical machineries rather than hardening via circuit projects that are ineffective (Chandler, 2014). For the Faraday cage to protect effectively against charges and radiations, the equipment in the box should not touch the metal container. In addition, the metal shield should not have large gaps and extra-large holes in it (Defense, 2009). Faraday cage is extremely active in inhibiting EM/HPM forces from reaching vulnerable explosive and electronic components.

Exterior packaging is fabricated with wood or plastic material as well as fiber materials. However, the metal enclosure ensures that the EMP does not pass to the outside (Chandler, 2014). Aluminum foil is used to cover the metal shield that safely kee

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