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Essay on Cost Management example topics

Essay on Cost Management example topics


Cost Management

Re: Customer Service Research
As requested, I am to provide a research of the trends in customer service surrounding the telecommunication chains all over Canada and the customers? expectations of their service. The purpose of this research is to provide enough ideas and information for the proper decision making of those in charge and the improvement of the customer service department sector in the Telus organization.


There has been a significant amount of complaints regarding our customer service that has been occurring around the entire country. The feedback that is collected through our online and on-site surveys depict a decline in the quality of the services provided, people have been complaining about many different sectors of the business. There have been enormous amounts of negative criticism when talking specifically about the interactions customers have with our employees which transpire either in person or over the phone. I believe that in this case, the main reason why the customer service is not as great as it should be is because there is not enough training provided for employees to instill them to continuously engage with customers and co-workers in the work force.


By analyzing and learning about the information gathered in the research and applying it to make the necessary changes, we can expect to see a betterment in the customer service department. The negative can then be replaced with excellent service that will in turn boost the customer base and the company?s profits.


First, I will make myself familiar with the dynamics of the customer service department, how it works and the services it provides. I will research, read, and inform myself of the customer service trends in the country by looking up insightful articles online about the topic. I will then acknowledge and study the feedback provided by customers to the organization, not only for Telus but also for all the similar companies around Canada; interviews would be conducted if necessary, in case there is not enough data collected. Lastly, by doing this I can then compare and understand where the company stands at this point and come up with methods to improvements for the service that come directly from the customers? objections and needs.


Some of the benefits that can arise from improving and providing a high level of customer service are: customer loyalty, increased sales and profits, the public image of the company could be enhanced and its reputation, better morale; which will be spread from employee to customer, leading to the betterment of the workforce environment as well. Finally, customer references, the more clients the more benefits for the company.


Once the research is done and approved, my supervisor and of course myself will have a better understanding of the company?s customer service department along with its strengths and weaknesses. We will know what strategies to put into place in order to start making improvements. After those arrangements are made, the company will witness an increase in the employees? motivation and efficiency; consequently leading to an increase in customer satisfaction. When the customers are satisfied with our services the business will grow and so will its profits.


This research is expected to be conducted over the period of a month. It is not a very complicated topic and there is plenty of information everywhere to gather from. In the instance that I could not find sufficient material over this period, I would then conduct interviews myself to current employees and customers of the company in order to accelerate the process and to be able to complete the final research on time.


In order to complete this research an approximate amount of CAN$500.00 is necessary. This dollar amount is comprised of salaries, equipment, material and supplies, travel, and services. It is not a very costly project to put into place, it does not affect the company in any way; on the contrary, there will be by far more benefits than losses.


Re: Call for Proposals for Research Report Assignments

This project includes three assignments: a proposal memo, a progress memo, and a final research report. Together, these three assignments will make up 40% of your grade for this class.

Steps for Success

1. Select a topic from the Research Report Topics and Guidelines document.

2. Refine the topic to focus in on a specific problem that requires a research solution.

3. Prepare and submit a proposal memo (10%).

4. Prepare and submit a progress report memo / summary report memo (10%).

5. Complete and submit a final research report (20%).

WRIT 200: Business Writing Skills
Research Report Topics and Guidelines

This document outlines the details for all three report assignments, which are worth 40% of your grade in WRIT 200.

1. Project Description

Choose one of the following scenarios on which to base your report:

1. Write a report evaluating three jobs that will be available to you upon your graduation from your program. Evaluate the jobs using three distinct criteria and recommend one job for would-be graduates. You are writing the report at your program coordinator?s instruction.

2. You are a marketing intern at a reputed business with branches all across Canada. Your supervisor has asked you to research trends in customer service in Canadian national chains and customer expectations of service. Evaluate these trends and offer recommendations to your supervisor so that your business can improve its customer service.

3. Many companies are increasingly encouraging employee participation in management decisions. Your supervisor has asked you to investigate the popular methods these companies use to motivate employees to participate in decision making. In a report, present your findings, analysis, and recommend the best practices that your company should adopt to involve employees in decision making.

4. Write a report assessing the effectiveness of waste management or any other services at the North campus of Humber College. Analyze your findings, draw conclusions and make recommendations to Chris Whitaker, Humber President. You are the president of Humber Student Federation and you are writing the report at the request of Chris Whitaker.

5. Suggest your own topic. Write out the topic in a few sentences and submit it to me for approval via email.

2. Project Audience

With each of the above listed scenarios, you will find your report?s audience is slightly different. Please consider the audience for your report carefully before beginning (Module 2).

3. Project scope and research requirements

? The proposal and progress memos lead to a final report.
? Your report must identify the problem, recommend a solution that has been arrived at through secondary research, and outline benefits of this recommendation.
? Your report must incorporate both primary and secondary source materials.

o Primary sources will include observations of the design aspect you have chosen (plans, sketches, diagrams, photographs) and first-hand observations of human subjects (surveys, interviews).
o Secondary sources will include the use of publications and Internet sources that relate to your field. It may also include comparative research of how other institutions approach the problem you are reporting on.

4. Length Restrictions

The final report should be approximately 1,200 words (4-5 pages). This length requirement refers only to the main report sections (Introduction, Body, Conclusion) and does not include front matter or end matter (see Section 5 below for details about these sections).

5. Project phases and requirements

? All documents shall be formatted according to the formatting guidelines in our textbook.
? Make appropriate changes to these guidelines to account for special memo and report formats.

5.1 Proposal Memo

Length: approximately 750 words, typed (attachments not included).
Format: Memo format, with section headings (Module 7).
? TO: Direct the memo to an appropriate (fictional) authority figure ? supervisor, employer, etc.
? COPY: the memo to me.
? RE: The subject line should refer precisely to your project, describing exactly what you plan to do.

Contents for a well-constructed paper (Proposal-refer to Module 13):
? Introduction, with a summary of the proposal
? Detailed background of the problem (What is the history of the problem?)
? The objective of your project (What are you attempting to do by doing this research?)
? A detailed plan of the project (How do you plan to complete the research/project?)
? Detailed benefits of the improvement (What are the benefits once the work is done?)
? Conclusions (If this proposal is accepted what will happen next?)
? Schedule (What is the timeline to complete the final research/project?)
? Budget (In order to complete the research/project what amount of money is required?)
? Work Plan-This should include a preliminary list of intended primary and secondary sources and how they will be used in the final report (these may change as you go).

5.2 Progress Report Memo

Length: approximately 750 words, typed (attachments not included).
Format: Memo format, with section headings
? TO: Direct the memo to an appropriate (fictional) authority figure ? supervisor, employer, etc.
? Copy the memo to me and any other appropriate (fictional) recipient.
? RE: The subject line should refer precisely to your project, describing exactly what you plan to do.

Contents (Progress):
? Use memo format for the report. Have all memo headings include a specific subject?a clear statement of your topic.
? Include introduction, background, past progress, present status, future schedule, and a list of secondary sources formatted in APA style.
? Report should answer the following questions: What have you done so far? What have you left to do?
? Summarize your findings thus far.
? Include as attachments: your intended headings for the final report, primary source materials (e.g. interview / survey questions; observation technique).

5.3 Final Report
Length: Approximately 1,200 words for the three main sections (Introduction, Body, Conclusions/Recommendations). Do not include front and back matter in word count.
Format: Standard report format (Module 14).
Contents: In all sections, detailed descriptions are required. At least three secondary sources must be cited (quoted) in the body of your report as evidence of your research.

A Sample of Headings for a well-organized paper:

? Title page
? Executive summary
? Table of contents
? Introduction
? Body with headings, subheadings, and graphics
? Conclusions and/or Recommendations
? Works cited (three secondary sources you reference in your report)
? Appendices (optional)

6. Project Submission

Projects will be submitted in class on or before the designated due date.

All assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the date specified by the professor. Late assignments will be penalized 10% per day up to four days after the due date. Assignments handed in after that time will not be accepted and will automatically receive a grade of 0%.

Fully or partially plagiarized assignments will receive a grade of 0%.