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Corrections and Criminal Justice

Below are the instructions for the paper. Up to 9 full pages are acceptable for submission, but at least 6 full pages of content are mandatory. On the other hand, some reading will be necessary to complete this paper. I have done the research and attached articles that should be needed to provide evidence for the paper to have appropriate content. This is a research paper that should be about the problems concerning overpopulation in the corrections system. The assignment asks that opinions for policy change be implemented, so I would prefer the paper to argue that more should be done to provide rehabilitation for drug offenders and less mandatory minimum laws to exist — so judges can fully provide their discretion of the law. As long as we are within the 6-9 pages of written content, that is fine. All five provided articles will need to be used and cited within the paper, so just be aware of that. I put the paper as 10 pages because I wanted to be sure you adequately compensated for the amount of work this requires. If you have any additional questions after reading the official instructions below, feel free to send a message any time. I will periodically check in to make sure nothing has come up.

Each student is required to select a topic for research. The topic must be relevant to this course (and preferably of personal interest), although for the purposes of this assignment “relevant” may be considered simply as being related to corrections or correctional institutions. Students may choose from the range of topics covered in the course, or may select a topic that interests them but falls outside of this range. However, an important consideration in selecting a topic is that it must facilitate the assessment or development of policy recommendations.


Introduction (10%): Your introduction should be a mini-outline for your paper that tells the reader what it is about. This should include an introduction to the topic, a statement of the problem, and what you will be covering. The last sentence of your introduction should also contain a transitional ‘hook’ which moves the reader to the first paragraph of the paper.

Discussion of Challenges (50%): This is the body of your paper, where you will thoroughly assess your selected topic. You are required to incorporate at least five scholarly articles in your assessment. Scholarly articles are generally based on academic research, are peer-reviewed, and appear in academic journals or books that are published by academic presses. Examples include Corrections, Journal of Criminal Justice, Corrections Today, etc. Although the use of other resources (e.g., trade publications, some websites, etc.) may be used at the instructor’s discretion, students should make every effort to incorporate scholarly research in this assignment.

Discussion of Solutions (20%): Discuss some of the ways that the challenges faced could be improved through policy to better address the issue you are examining. This may include potential partnerships, cooperation, resource sharing, and laws that could/should be implemented. You may cite current policy initiatives, or feel free to recommend your own.

Conclusion (10%): Your conclusion should summarize what you have written in your paper. Specifically, your conclusion should a) restate your main idea(s); b) summarize the subpoints of your paper; c) leave the reader with an interesting final impression.

Formatting/Structure (5%): Your paper is expected to have an appropriate flow with natural transitions and continuity. You are to include a title page that has an appropriate title and your identification information. Also, you are to include an APA style reference list at the conclusion of your paper. If you are unsure of how to do that, please consult me.

Grammar/Spelling (5%): The content of an assignment is important; however, the content is irrelevant if it is not able to be understood by the audience. Care should be taken to properly articulate your content with appropriate grammar and spelling.

Formatting Guidelines

One-inch margins
Times New Roman font, 12 pt
Bibliography in APA format with in-text references (i.e., no endnotes or footnotes)
The length of the assignment should not be less than six pages of content and not more than nine pages of content

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