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Corntassel And Laduke Summary Video

Corntassel And Laduke Summary Video

Summary About Corntassel And Laduke Video

Corntassel`s definition of reconciliation

Corntassel defines reconciliation as a process of restoring justice to individuals who had been initially harmed or affected by historical injustices such as torture, eviction, mass killing and others. In addition, in his definition, Corntassel stipulated that the aspect of reconciliation has a religious connotation in it, especially due to the fact that its core objective is to restore hope to the hopeless, as well as striving to heal the wounds that the victims of historical injustices suffered (Corntassel, 2012).

Major points raised by scholars concerning Reconciliation

According to Corntassel, most nations which have a high relevance to the welfare of their community’s embrace and implement reconciliation in their languages, but those which do not (such as the indigenous nations) do not consider reconciliation as part of their development and peaceful co-existence agendas. The implementation of truth and reconciliation acts as the true test of a nation`s relevance to its citizens. In addition, the reconc

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