cook meeting with the hawaiians related to christopher columbus account

cook meeting with the hawaiians related to christopher columbus account

1. How does Cook’s record of his first meeting with the Hawaiians compare and contrast with Christopher Columbus’s account of his first encounter with indigenous American peoples?

2. Why weren’t the Spanish interested in further territories in the Pacific after gaining power in the Philippines?

3. Why weren’t the Dutch interested?

4. Why did the British and French show interest in the Pacific in the 18th century?

5. What did this interest symbolise?

6. What were the motivations behind the voyage of the Endeavour?

7. Why was the landing at Botany Bay such a defining moment for the British and the aboriginal people?

8. Why was Joseph Banks accorded so much applause on the ship’s return to England?

Section 2

1. Despite supporting Americans in their war for independence, why is Edmund Burke aghast at the French Revolution?

2. How does Mary Wollstonecraft criticise Burke’s Reflections?

3. Why does she see Burke’s defence of American independence as problematic?

4. How does Thomas Paine respond to Burke’s writing?

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