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Controlling marijuana in the US is good for the society

Controlling marijuana in the US is good for the society

Controlling marijuana in the US is good for the society


Scientific research studies clearly indicate that marijuana has addictive properties and tends to cause significant harm on the body’s mental and physical functions. Its use is linked with a number of adverse physiological and mental conditions. These include memory loss, deficiencies of the immune system, cardiovascular diseases and birth defects (Frum). Proponents of marijuana legalization propagate the erroneous notion that it is a soft drug. The ethical argument against marijuana use within the US society is pegged on principle-based viewpoints. This paper seeks to support and discuss the ethical argument that controlling marijuana in the US is good for the society.

Supporting arguments

The increasing use of drugs in the 60s led to civil societies working towards education the general American public on the adverse effects of illegal drug use. Some civil societies went further by offering free information on how societies as well as individuals can triumph over drug related social evils (Frum). This is largely because the civil societies were well aware of the social ills that are associated with drug use.

Tobacco and alcohol have been a part of the American culture for centuries and the negative effects of their use are still evident in today’s society. On the other hand, marijuana is comparatively a new experience in the American socio-cultural scene, which targets the youth (Frum). Marijuana is a cheap drug compared to other hard drugs such as Heroin and Cocaine and is affordable to the youth who tend to associate with anti social celebrities who promote marijuana abuse. The American society is a highly modernized one and this tends to present conflicting values with regard to the use of drugs.

The current political establishments in the US are seeking to legalize the use of marijuana in an effort to suffocate drug cartels and raise revenues. The Nixon administration seemingly set this precedent questioning the entire A

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