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Continuous improvements

 Post By Amol:

Currently, I am involved in a project for a banking client where they are modifying their existing IT technology infrastructure with new tooling from market by working with vendors from Amazon and Azure Cloud focusing more on Automation. At the same time, they are also making changes to their legacy application which will streamline existing Web application with an intuitive look, that will further strengthen their relationships with outer customers by facilitating ease-of-use for their daily activities and bring about cross-sell opportunities for other products and services.  It will also result in improved customer satisfaction for a company. The current payments product which was implemented in 2007 is outdated, does not meet customer expectations and lags the competition in terms of ease of use.

The scope of the project is to apply the concepts of Continuous Integration, Continuous delivery, Continuous improvements, Six-Sigma and Release Management so that software can be easy to compile, integrate, test and produce a quick deployment in sandbox, development, QA and production environment.

Continuous Integration will allow us to catch issues at earlier stage in sandbox environment and will reduce integration problem allowing us to deliver new updates and products at much faster rate. Once everything is working according to expected, application is put toward stress environment to check its fatigue. By implementing the automation from code level to infrastructure level, it has become very easy for us to track the issue at earlier stages and deliver the updates to software on time. 

During the process of Continuous integration, there were many teams whom we relied upon like Database Administrator, Build Engineer, Developer, Test Engineer, DynaTrace Engineer, Monitoring team, Server engineer and Security team. So, making sure that everybody’s services are utilized during a given time was little hectic as most of them were involved in more than three to four projects, so managing all was little a painful task for Project Manager. But once issues were debugged, we used to document it as a lesson learned, so that we may not spent more time in future on the same issue.

If I must start this project again, I will make sure that resources who will work on Continuous Integration project will be belonging to one team, rather than pulling resources from different team when need arises. All the road maps and metrics are properly designed by taking into consideration the challenges and mitigating the risks.

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