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Essay About Contemporary leaders

Essay About Contemporary leaders


Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks is recognized as a leader in the world of
business. He encourages good employees’ relations; Schultz also encourages them
to work towards their objectives. Schultz puts his workers and is considered to
contribute to the introduction of comprehensive healthcare insurance to all the
Starbucks employees. He has extraversion personality trait, whereby, he encourages
his workers (Gallo, 2013). Schultz argues that a person cannot motivate other
people if he or she is not motivated. He works towards making a difference in
people’s lives. His personality trait has helped in growing Starbucks to become
the leading coffee house internationally. Schultz is a democratic and
transformational leader. He encourages open forum and open-ended communication,
offering every worker a chance to offer his or her opinion.

leadership skill has assisted the company in achieving its objective. He
maintains that transformation leads to growth (Starbucks and Howard Schultz
Recognized for Leadership, 2014). Starbucks has been named among the most
ethical organization in the world under his leadership. Schultz has also been
on the front line leading the company during its lowest time. For instance,
when he worked as Starbu

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