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Containerization of Commodities Article Review

Containerization of Commodities Article Review


The article, ‘The containerization of Commodities’ by Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue and Dr. Theo Notteboom examines the aspect of containerization of commodities as a supply chain which ought to be embraced as an alternative or complimentary of bulk commodity chain. Despite the world becoming highly globalized as well as the extensive adoption of containerization by large and small scale producers, the recognition of containerization as a commodity or supply chain is highly underrepresented (Rodrigue & Notteboom, 2018). There is need to examine the aspect of containerization from the principle of flow, service configuration, shipping networks as well as the operation of inland ports and maritime terminals.

I do support the fact that it is normal for a new supply chain to receive lower levels of acceptance especially due to the fear of the risks that it may entail. The fear of uncertainty is common to every entrepreneur. Precisely, the aspect of containerization is new to most suppliers, and just the same way most entrepreneurs tend to be reluctant to embrace a new strategy due to the fear of uncertainty, so is why containerization appears to be under recognized as a supply chain for commodities and the cold chain (Sosna et al., 2010). However, this trend needs to change, especially due to the fact that from the time when the aspect of carrying cargo by containers was introduced, this chain has received a myriad of growth dynamics, to such an extent that it can be perceived to be a more effective alternative or complimentary supply chain. The fact that the development of niche opportunities and markets for containerization were initially bypassed shows that the initial aim of introducing containers as a supply chain for commodities was to assess its market penetration and acceptance in the globalized world. This is equ

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