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Consumer Acceptance Essay

Consumer Acceptance

In every industry, innovation is a vital process compelled by competitive tendencies of a free market. There are however different form s of innovation which tend to have different impacts on industries relative to operational structures. Normal or sustainable innovation seeks to focus on meeting the demands of current consumers. Disruptive technology on the other hand tends to bring about new technologies and more segment consumer bases depending on consumer preferences (Clarry, 2012). Disruptive innovations shake industries compelling organizations to investigate and seek to conform to consumer patters or institute new strategic responses. This paper discusses how technological changes have affected consumer acceptance of Nikon Cameras.

Nikon Corporation is a major player in the camera and photography industry which is to date one of the most innovative and competitive markets of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Nikon has had to adapt to dramatic changes in the industry which has seen the film camera become obsolete and the sale of co

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