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Essay on Second Amendment in the United States constitution

Essay on Second Amendment in the United States constitution


The Second Amendment in the United States constitution is very beneficial because it guides on the Americans future security. The amendment empowers every American to bear and keep arms. Therefore, individuals have rights to be armed that guarantee their security against crime, invasion, and tyranny. The Second Amendment is very important for the American people because it empowers them to resist an authoritarian government (Halbrook, 3). In this regard, the people have many powers than the Federal or state government hence they are able to oppose dictatorial government in the country if it exists. In addition, for people to control a free state, they should maintain the rights to bear and keep arms (Carter, 2). Indeed, the existence of armed people in the nation forces the administration to remain honest. Most notably, there is not a single American administration that will attempt to impose a totalitarian rule to its citizens because of the capacity to resist (Halbrook, 4). The United States Constitution through the Second Amendment controls the government from intruding the rights of citizens.

The Second Amendment was formulated at the US independence but it is still important up to now. It helps to prevent any possible threat of tyranny in the government (Carter, 7). For a long time it has protected the citizens against government policies that pose a threat to the freedom of the citizens themselves. History indicates that unarmed citizens are prone to dangerous effects of dictators, for instance in Germany. Therefore, if Americans have the rights to bear and maintain the arms, it is less likely to happen (Halbrook, 11). Most notably, across the globe, Americans are privileged to have such a right. For that reason, when the government wants to initiate anti-Second Amendment clause, all people should be cautious of its motives.

Every amendment in the United States constitution is crucial but the Second Amendment plays a critical role in protecting all the others (Carter, 18). For instance, if the right to own arms is removed from the constitution, it makes it easy for elimination of other rights in the amendment such as freedom of expression. In this case, Americans will be prone to violation of their rights especially from the government (Halbrook, 13). Moreover, they will have the limited capacity to resist. In this respect, the Second amendment acts as an insurance policy against violation of people’s rights. The benefits of this amendment have been witnessed over the last 200 years. The right to own guns in the United States is very important because it helps to control authoritarian governments, militia, and safeguards people’s rights (Halbrook, 15).

The Second Amendment protects the unarmed victims from invaders. For instance, an armed invader may enter a home or place of work that threatens their safety and that of their families (Carter, 30). The invader may violate the rights of women and children if he or she is heavily armed. Therefore, possession of guns promotes the equality of all sexes because individuals are equipped. Moreover, cases of murderers, rapists and attackers will be reduced in case the citizens have the ability to defend themselves (Halbrook, 19). A gun is a good equalizer for the defenseless and feeble. Using a firearm, individuals can protect themselves against death, psychological trauma, and physical harm.

The government too can be a perpetrator of aggression and violence among citizens. The government has murdered millions of people especially in the twentieth century. Most people were killed based on their languages, religion or lower social class. The administration marked them as enemies of the people. In addition, the majority of the murdered people offered little or no resistance to the perpetrators (Halbrook, 19). In this respect, the government has the capacity to create terror, fear and state of powerlessness among its citizens. The government ability to conduct evil and cruel acts has been fueled by insufficient of arms for self-defense among citizens. Nevertheless, when the victims have possessed limited access to self-defense, the government has abandoned these intentions.

Civilians in most of the countries are not authorized to own or use firearms. However, this should not intimidate the Americans because the United States has been free and prosperous nation as compared to the rest of the world (Carter, 35). The Americans have succeeded against the wave of welfare statist, socialism and collectivism as compared to most countries in Western Europe. Therefore, America should resist the dangerous act of disarming the civilian. In fact, they should be permitted to have better means of self-defense against potential political and private aggressors in the community (Halbrook, 22).

According to James Madison, Americans have the advantage and the right to be armed as opposed to other nations whose authorities fear to trust the citizens with arms. The Second Amendment gives confidence to the American people to defend themselves adequately.

Therefore, this law should be upheld in order to protect the safety of the defenseless individuals. In addition, the law helps to control the government against becoming authoritarian to its citizens (Carter, 27). In this regard, all American should be allowed to bear and keep arms for their own safety and their families. The right to bear and keep arms is usually applied in the military service context and in self-defense. Therefore, individuals are allowed to have handguns for self-protection at their homes. The amendment protects an individual incorporated right applies to state government through the due process (Carter, 33).

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