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Essay on Committed Relationship example papers

Essay on Committed Relationship example papers


A committed relationship encompasses a mutually agreed interpersonal relationship that involves love, a consensual behavior, trust, openness, and being honest with one another. Committed relationships exist in the following forms; courtship, those of long-term nature (LTR), closes relationships, civil unions, engagement, and marriage (Fletcher et al. 2015). The terminology entails any ties with expressed commitment disregard its frequent reference to informal relationships. According to Birnbaum & Finkel, (2015), relationship commitment is likely to be affected by either party alternatives in which for these aspects to be influential they must be aware of them. Nevertheless, for a happy and long-lasting relationship to co-exist there is a need for the development of strategies for contentment maintenance and conflict resolution (Birnbaum & Finkel, 2015). Many aspects of living are considered in the relationship commitments.


Celik (2018) describes crucial factors to consider when choosing a spouse for a successful marriage being a lifetime commitment. Firstly, a spouse should be religious even though the partners are of different religions. He/she needs to respect the rules of our creator because the Lord sustains the marriage. A male partner needs to be older than the female counterpart concerning prevail, and their race shouldn't be a determinant whenever there is a relationship.  Secondly, the spouse should be guided by constructive moral values like honesty, generosity, understanding, and love for family members and friends among others. Possession of these values will determine whether the spouse will cope with your family and show respect towards you (Celik, 2018).