College Essays

College Essays

How to Craft a Compelling
College Essay

A college essay is a personal statement that is presented to the college selection committee as part of your admission application letter. College essay writing may be burdensome but it could be a game changer when it comes to the decision that the committee makes over your future. Since the admission committee receives numerous applications from equally bright students, comparing college essays is the only way for the committee to select the worthiest students for the limited college spots.

writing your essay, you should write about stuff that set you apart from the
rest of the applicants. Make your story unique by bringing your personality,
background and interest to the lime light. While writing the essay, be
thoughtful, honest and genuine. Admission committees do not look for successful
students. They look for students who have the potential to achieve great
success through the school.

are a few tips you should keep in mind as you write your college essay:

  • Write about what is most important to you.

shortest way of being genuine and honest in an application letter is by talking
about an experience, event or something that has had a great impact on your

  • When writing the essay, reflect on the experience. Do not
    just recount.

how an experience impacted on you and what you learnt from the experience gives
more insight about your personality and piques the interest of the committee.

  • Add a little humor to your essay

funny essay never gets lost in the shuffle. Beware though. One not so funny
joke or something off-color could mean losing a lifetime opportunity.

  • Do not mind writing several drafts and do not be shy reading
    the essay out to a friend when it’s done.

aside time to write the essay and write and rewrite it until its perfect. When
you are done, read it to a friend and let them decide whether your essay is
interesting and logical. How the essay sounds to them is how it will sound to
the committee so be sure to get honest opinions from him/her.

  • Avoid repeating what you have stated in your application form

The committee already knows of your achievements. You need not repeat that in your college essay. What they need to know is your personality. It’s what tells you apart from other great achievers like yourself.

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