Essay on Coffee business expanison in Palma de Mallorca-Spain - Essay Prowess

Essay on Coffee business expanison in Palma de Mallorca-Spain

Essay on Coffee business expanison in Palma de Mallorca-Spain


Expansion into Palma de Mallorca, Spain will see the coffee business go into another market where coffee utilization is valued. Palma de Mallorca is the home of one of Spain’s best baristas making it an open door for more coffee organizations. Spain offers numerous business opportunities for foreign investors intrigued by opening a business or expanding out to the Spanish market. Spaniards have interesting propensities with regards to coffee consumption. Spain is the eighth biggest economy on the planet and that is a critical data for representatives anxious to begin a coffee shop there. Spain has moved toward becoming again a business goal in light of the fact that many economic sectors have been recouped and they are prepared for another rise. Spain gives many business opportunities to the British investors over an extensive variety of business ranges (Hobbs, 2004).

The customary Spanish economy tourism and construction will be replaced by a great deal more entire system of diversified investment sectors such as fast food and coffee shops. Foreign businesses can profit by motivations if they need to put assets into specific areas or segments of economy. Spain is a nation that is popular for this sector of economy and for the way of life in which these little organizations are an essential part. Spain has moved toward becoming again a business hub on the grounds that many economic sectors have been recuperated and they are prepared for another ascent. Most Spanish business openings draw in investors needing to set up business involving English language speakers. In this way, they perpetually search for a business that will offer a support of tourists who ordinarily communicate in English in Spain. New businesses that have been set up effectively in the United Kingdom and America are fruitful in Spain.

Spain is chosen by many business visionaries who are pulled in likewise by the great atmosphere, pleasant scenes, and culture. Spain is not, obviously, some place only for the retired. It has moved toward becoming a place that many people of working age look upon as some place conducive in which to work. Spaniards have a culture of consuming coffee. Spaniards regularly use coffee to get up in the morning. They always want to start the day with Café con Leche. Café con Leche is a weaker coffee consequently not used to get up in the morning but is popular in most bistros. They then catch up with Café Solo which is a more grounded coffee consumed in the midmorning.

There are challenges with regards to beginning a café in Spain. When financial crises happen such as in 2008, families lose their purchasing power and a sensational credit smash for small businesses (Hobbs, 2004). With unemployment achieving record rates practically consistently, the circumstance in Spain does not appear to be exceptionally positive for new companies. Without credit, it is extremely hard to envision that businesses can advance. Financial information uncovers that the extent of the credit crunch is high such that getting a loan to begin a business has turned out to be incomprehensible for new entrants. On the other hand, registering a business is costly and slow in Spain. Also, organizations require distinctive authorisations to start a business and licensing products and services (AnonTop of Form

, 2009). However, the Spanish Attorney gives helpful legal advice to financial and economic activities. This is crucial toward the start of a business, when individuals don’t have enough information regarding the particularities of the regulations in Spain.

  • A Tailored Marketing Mix in Relation to the Coffee Shop Expansion


A product is anything that is manufactured or created to fulfil the necessities of a specific group of individuals. It is important for the coffee business to re-examine coffee products to fortify more demands once it achieves the business decrease stage especially in the demanding region of Palma de Mallorca. Coffee can cost less that is can sold adequately beneficially particularly in the coffee consuming area of Palma de Mallorca. The business must make the correct product blend. In this way, it might be astute to extend coffee products blend by expanding and expanding the profitability of the product offering (Baker, 2012). The business must do a broad research on the life cycle of the coffee products to be sold in Spain when contrasted with those being sold in England. This will guarantee customization of the products to meet the necessities of the Spanish coffee utilization culture.


The price of the coffee products is fundamentally the sum that a client pays to enjoy it. Price may likewise allude to the give up coffee shoppers are set up to make to get a product. Price is an essential part of the marketing mix definition. Price is the main factor that has suggestions for income. As a rule coffee consumers are price sensitive. Hence, a little decline in price may pick up the bistro an extra market share Palma de Mallorca coffee business. Additionally, a little increment in price can be indistinguishable to increase additional net revenue that may prompt loss of clients.  


Place refers to giving client access to coffeehouse by considering how the business can give convenience to coffee consumers. Placement or distribution of coffeehouses in Palma de Mallorca is an imperative piece of the product blend. It’s basic to assess the perfect areas to change over potential coffee buyers into genuine coffee purchasers. The business needs to position and disseminate the bistros in spots that are open to potential coffee purchasers (Baker, 2012). The business needs to consider rivals in Palma de Mallorca and plan how to gain from that them and differentiate coffee products and shops to increase competitiveness. This accompanies a profound understanding of the objective market to comprehend it inside to out. This will help the management to find the most effective distribution and placement channels.


Promotionis an essential part of marketing as it can boost brand recognition and coffee product sales in Palma de Mallorca. Advancement includes choosing where and when would you be able to get promoting messages crosswise over to Palma de Mallorca as the target market. Promotionincludes picking the technique to make the brand known in the target market. This should be possible by advertising on the web, on TV, on radio or in the press (TV Choice Productions, 2014). It should likewise be possible through PR or on the Internet. The business staffs play an essential part in advertising and word of mouth. Word of mouth is additionally a sort of product promotion that can be valuable particularly for fulfilled clients who refer the bistro to their friends, family and colleagues.

  • Implications of the Need for Marvin and Smith’s to cover a Different Country

Information Systems

To cover a wider geographical area by extending to Spain, Marvin and Smith business needs to use information systems effectively. By extending to Spain, it means that the business has been globalised. This implies that the business is to be managed through information systems if it is to remain unified. Information systems are very important when managing units that are located in different geographical regions. For instance, if the head office is to be located in London, UK, then the management in the head office will track the operations of the franchises in Spain and the rest of United Kingdom through information systems. The system can be centralised in the UK such that other coffee shops in other regions are monitored from the head office as subunits of the head office. Information systems are also important in tracking the progress of the business. They can help the management get important information through reports generated from the centralised system. Such information systems can be important in making decisions regarding the direction of the business (Burrow and Kleindl, 2013).

Information systems can be used to market the business in the country. Through information systems management the business can link the organisations website with social networking sites so as to track the market. The business can use these social networking websites to gather information regarding what customers need and customize products to meet the requirements of customers. On the other hand, information systems can be used to enhance the operations of the business. For example, information systems can be used to make online requests and schedule deliveries. Moreover, these systems can enable customers to request what they expect from the business such as through comment sections of the business’ website.

Management Structure

The management structure is another important aspect of the business that may have implications on the profitability of the franchise in Spain as well as determining the business continuity of the franchise. For instance, the management may choose to have centralised management structure where coffee shops are managed from the head office. This way, the top management will be based in one place. This structure is economical in that it reduces duplication of management responsibilities. However, the centralised management structure can limit the power of those outside the management positions to make vital decisions are contribute fully to the direction of the company (Narayan, Appannaiah, and Sathyaprasad, 2010).

On the other hand, the business may allow franchises to operate independently in a decentralised management structure which means that the top management will not have full control of the business.  This may be disadvantageous to the top management when they want to track the operations of the franchises. From that perspective, the management is not able to make certain decisions since it does not have full control of the franchises (Narayan, Appannaiah, and Sathyaprasad, 2010). However, the decentralised organizational structure can improve the performance the business since the management at franchises can work effectively to make the franchises successful. Additionally, this could be an opportunity for the top management to make comparisons of the different units of the business. This way, the top management may use strategies that are successful to control the shops that don not perform well.

  • Evaluating how Profitability and Liquidity may Impact on Decisions available to Marvin and Smith

The liquidity is the capacity of the coffeehouse to pay its transient commitment for the nonstop operation. Liquidity likewise refers to the profits the coffee business has that can be rapidly and effectively changed over to cash. This is on a condition that it does this without losing quality, and profitability is an organization’s capacity to make a profit. An imperative measure of how well a business is being run is the manner by which liquid it is. This is finished by taking a look at the present assets and current liabilities to be determined. A firm is considered typically financial strong and low risky when it has colossal trade out its accounting report (Burrow and Kleindl, 2013).

Businesses with high liquidity exchanges regularly have countless assets. For example, for the Marvin and Smith bistro business those things that can be purchased and sold rapidly as required are viewed as liquid assets. For the Marvin and Smith coffee business, liquidity (marketability) is diverse in light of the fact that it has nothing to do with an organization’s capacity to make a profit yet rather its capacity to change over coffee products into money. The liquidity concentrates on here and now assets which produce low profit and contain generally safe. All advantages that have a level of liquidity and assets that include money and ‘close money’ things are most liquid assets. The liquidity is typically measured with the assistance of money related proportions, for example, Absolute Liquidity Ratio, Current Ratio and Liquid Ratio (Burrow and Kleindl, 2013).

Profit measures the monetary accomplishment of the Marvin and Smith coffee business independent to trade stream out the coffee business. The cash Marvin and Smith coffee business has left in the wake of deducting all costs like salary and working expenses is its profitability. The profitability of the business is measured by the Return on Assets (ROA) and Return on Equity (ROE). It is frequently observed that a firm is extremely profitable in its books. In any case, it might not have adequate money and money proportional to pay its bills and due commitments.

Profitability = (Net Profit / Capital Employed)


Profitability = (26,800/155,000) = 0.1729

Profitability = 17.29%

The liquidity of Marvin and Smith coffee business can be measured essentially by current proportion and net working capital. Then again, the profitability of the business can be measured by return on assets and return on equity. The profit of a business is the contrast between its incomes and its expenses (Hoang, 2010). By using profitability calculations, the business has the capacity to look at business profits in one year compared with other years. It can likewise think about the profit of various organizations in order to gauge its competiveness.

5. Conclusion

The expansion of Marvin and Smith’s coffee business to Palma de Mallorca, Spain looks viable based on the findings in this document. This is supported by the fact that Spain has a popular coffee consumption culture that implies that more coffee shops can be opened in the country. The simplicity of opening business in Spain is another factor that increases the viability of the expansion into the country. This is especially true for foreign companies that need to enter the Spanish market (Narayan, Appannaiah, and Sathyaprasad, 2010). Moreover, Spain is a favourable business environment for companies that are based in English speaking countries. The fact that many English speaking people visit Spain regularly supports foreign companies that are based in English speaking nations such as United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada.

The choice of Palma de Mallorca as the ideal place to franchise the coffee shops business is sensible in that the place is known for many coffee consumers. The culture of coffee consumption is popular in this region of the country. Moreover, the business will not have to compete with other global coffee shop businesses that are based in major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. Therefore, this could be a great opportunity for the business to develop its brand by selling its products in this particular part of the country. In future, the business may decide on extending to other parts of the country. By creating an effective market mix of outstanding coffee products that are passed to consumers at favourable prices, the business can thrive. This can be boosted by increased promotion of the products in coffee shops that are strategically distributed in Palma de Mallorca. Above all, the success of the business depends on the strategic entry into the market that is enabled by an effective management system.


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