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Clinical Psychologist and Social Worker Approach Essay

Clinical Psychologist and Social Worker Approach Essay

Comparing and contrasting how Clinical Psychologist and Social Worker Approach Treatment in their Settings


The clinical psychologist interviewed serves the Medicaid population in a health care setting and have a long working experience in that profession. He explained the fact that he works under varying groups of people and individuals where he offers counselling service. The next person to interview was a social worker who works in an adult male prison and who disclosed the fact that he has worked there for ten years.

Similarities between their Approaches to Treatment in their Setting

Bothe the professionals play the role of counselling at the initial stages of treatment. They explain the necessity of comprehending the challenges faced by the patient before deciding on the best therapy. This commonality is brought about by the fact that both the clinical psychologist and the social worker attend a very sensitive group of human population who to some extent may fail to explain their situations (Shibutani, 2017). They must therefore seek to understand the history of each and every victim they come across and try to relate with the past such scenarios in a bid to issue the most effective therapy.

Furthermore, both the professionals possess extra certifications beyond their original graduate course work. The clinical psychologist, for instance, has Medicaid Enrollment Specialist, CBT certification, Co-occurring substance abuse certification and Crisis Intervention Prevention

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