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Essay on Child Development Research paper assignment

Essay on Child Development Research paper assignment

Child development


Understanding child development is a fundamental aspect as far as contemplating reasoning, memory level and behavior of children is concerned. This is very important especially to Parents, guardians and early childhood educators since they spend most their time with children, and are responsible in not only facilitating the comprehensive growth of children, but also monitoring their behaviors. There are numerous theories concerning child development that can greatly help parents and early childhood educators to understand and enhance physical, mental, psychological and behavioral development of children. This paper pays high attention to the analysis of the impact that various theorists (Jean Piaget, Howard Gardner, L.S. Vygotsky and Reuven Feuerstein) had on child development and teaching.

Jean Piaget`s Theory of Cognitive Development

In this theory, Piaget stipulated four major stages of cognitive development that every child goes through, and these includes sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational stages. First is the sensorimotor stage, which lasts between birth to 2 years of age (Cherry n.p). At this stage, infants and toddlers learn through manipulation of objects and sensory experiences, and they tend to be determined in learning new discoveries about the world. During the preoperational stage (occurs between 2-7 years), children learn to think symbolically by using pictures and words to present objects that are around them. They also learn the language being used by individuals around them. In the concrete operational stage (which occurs between 7-11 years), children start to think logically and in an organized way about concrete things or even

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