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(Answered) Child Abuse And Neglect

(Answered) Child Abuse And Neglect

Child abuse and neglect

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Jerri is 13 years old. She lives with her mother, Jean, and her stepfather, Jimmie. Since school started this year, Jerri has been caught three times sneaking out of the house late at night to be with her friends. She maintains that nothing illegal or illicit occurs; she and her friends just "hang" in a wooded, vacant lot in the neighborhood. Her parents, of course, worry that illegal drugs or sexual activity or other kinds of behavior improper for a 13-year-old may be involved. The first time that she was caught, Jerri's parents canceled a weekend trip that they had previously told Jerri she could take with a friend. The second time, she was grounded for a week. The third time, she was grounded for a month, and her allowance was withheld. On January 30, a school night -- only a week after her month-long detention had ended -- Jimmie caught Jerri crawling through a window into a hallway that leads to her bedroom. Jerri tried to crawl back out the window, threatening to run away and escape from "this life of tyranny." By this time, Jean and the younger children were watching. Exasperated that previous attempts at punishment had failed and that Jerri was only becoming more defiant and belligerent, Jimmie grabbed her, pulled her back into the window and struck her in the face. He says that, as he slapped her, she turned her head, and his ring caught on her pierced earring, which was torn from her earlobe. Jerri maintains that Jimmie deliberately ripped the ring out of her ear. Jerri runs to the phone, yelling, "Child abuse. I'll get you. Who do you think you are? You're not my real father anyway." She calls 911. Jerri wants the police to arrest Jimmie on a charge of Battery, which, in the State of Confusion, is defined as "any offensive touching inflicted willfully or unreasonably which causes pain or injury to the victim." Jimmie wants Jerri taken to court as a Person In Need of Supervision.

In a paper of approximately 2,400 words, respond to these questions.  If you are the police officer called to the scene, are you going to charge Jimmie with Battery? Is he guilty of abusing Jerri?  If you are a psychologist asked by the Family Court to evaluate the situation, are you going to recommend that Jerri be removed from the home because her parents are unable to supervise her? During your sessions with Jerri, she recalls for the first time abuse by her older brother before the age of 5. Do you give this credence? Should it be admissible in court?

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Child abuse and neglect


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Respond to these questions:  If you are the police officer called to the scene, are you going to charge Jimmie with Battery? Is he guilty of abusing Jerri?  If you are a psychologist asked by the Family Court to evaluate the situation, are you going to recommend that Jerri be removed from the home because her parents are unable to supervise her? During your sessions with Jerri, she recalls for the first time abuse by her older brother before the age of five. Do you give this credence? Should it be admissible in court?


This paper will detail a number of aspects regarding the case provided of Jerri and her parents specifically with his stepfather Jimmie. Jerri is 13 years old and lives with her mother and stepfather. Since the school calendar year started she has been caught severally, in this case three times sneaking from her room at nigh so that she can be with her friends. According to her, nothing illegal happens and they only hangout in the neighborhood. However, this concerns her parents who are afraid of her engaging in sexual or drugs activities at her age. The first time she was caught, her parents cancelled a trip that they had allowed her to take with a friend. In the second instance, they grounded her for a week. When she was caught the third time, she was grounded for a week and her parents withheld her allowa

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