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Check Valve Essay

What is A Check Valve?

A check valve is a piping component designed to permit fluid flow to assume one direction only within a pipeline system. The fundamental design and purpose of a check valve is to hinder backflow in a pipeline system with the aim of appraising piping system safety levels as well as averting fluid overflows. They are also referred to as clack valves, one-way valves or non-return valves. A check valve has a number of internal components which include a hinged clapper and a clapper pin or shaft mounted on the bonnet’s underside within a valve’s body.

Check Valve Operation

Check valves employ a very simple design which allows them to function without human interaction or automation and are therefore solely dependent on fluid flow velocity to either open or close. The least amount of upstream pressure necessary to spur a valve into operation is the cracking pressure. This is a very c

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