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Case Study sample paper for Tribute Ltd UK mainland delivery

Case Study sample paper for Tribute Ltd UK mainland delivery


Task 1

A majority of adults between the ages of 60 and 90 are known to have chronic conditions. For this reason, they are a significant target market for classical music companies like Tribute limited. The aging people can likewise encounter an assortment of age-related changes to their physical, mental and enthusiastic prosperity. This is the reason music treatment for seniors and can be so useful. Music therapy has been demonstrated to help some seniors reestablish and keep up their wellbeing. It likewise causes them review recollections and battle boredom. The key is finding the music that resounds with your maturing cherished one. Music therapists such as Jonnie Jones enable seniors to converse about their most loved specialists or musicians from their past such as Jimi Hendrix. This way, they begin bringing music into their everyday schedules (Knopper, 2010). It merits testing, particularly in the event that it can help enhance the general personal satisfaction of your cherished one.

Senior citizens who are Tribute Limited customers do not have to be people who know all aspects of music. A person does need to be a professionally-trained musician to differentiate appealing music (Rutter and Sharkey, 2016). When combined with nostalgia, music can set aside us back in opportunity, to bring out recollections and sentiments from the past. Hearing a tune you adore can offer solace and cheer amid times of bitterness, and can even turn an awful temperament around in a split second (Hamilton, 2009). Turn on the TV can make senior citizens nostalgic and thus attract them to attend concerts. Similarly, turning on a radio can appeal to senior citizens to purchase classic music. Therefore, digital media is a marketing channel for all generations.

Nostalgic marketing is the utilization of old, recognizable occasions so as to inspire sentiments of solace, security, affection or excitement in one’s crowd (Helfer, Orsoni and Sabri, 2014). For instance, the fact that Tribute limited hired Jones to be a tribute artist implies that he can remind senior citizens of their younger days while they attended concerts. The strategy has been a typical practice inside the publicizing business for a considerable length of time and can be a smart method for pushing out new crusades with couple of assets. This is on account of a great part of marketing is on account that marketing targets young people (Kotler and Keller, 2016).

Seniors the nation over are belting tunes with the assistance of Karaoke. This is an incredible action for seniors of all singing capacities as it’s amusing to let free and sing before your loved ones. For seniors who have been long lasting vocalists, Karaoke is additionally an extraordinary route for them to show their ability and keep up their pastime in a fun and intelligent way (Motavalli, 2002). Karaoke is an awesome approach to unite individuals for incredible music, fun, and a little giggling. This is on account that it enables senior citizens to participate in the process of bringing back the memories. In case you’re keen on sorting out a karaoke party, please visit with the inside director and we’ll make them roll.

While individuals of any age may appreciate an orchestra performance, senior citizens have ended up being a major audience of symphonic music. Tuning in to music and going to shows gives huge advantages and also amusement for more established grown-ups. Late investigations and discourses with two individuals from senior group have uncovered that music has the ability to mitigate stretch, bring out intense recollections, impart a feeling of essentialness, and bear the cost of socialization open doors for senior citizens (Haring, 1996). Symphonic music has been appeared to initiate unwinding in more established grown-ups.

Task 2

Total CDs % of Total Price of CD Estimated Profits % of total profits
Complementary 130 2.719665 0 0 0
General 353 7.384937 10 2824 8.060740994
Mail order 167 3.493724 10 1336 3.813438374
Web order 223 4.665272 10 1784 5.092196152
Concert Performances 1376 28.78661 12 13760 39.27613176
Retail 2459 51.44351 8 14754 42.11337558
Brighton Performances 72 1.506276 10 576 1.644117143
Total 4780 35034  


The percentage of the totals shows that the market is distributed. However, the profitability of Tribute Limited when selling Jonnie Jones CDs is varied. The company should put emphasis on the specific areas of the market such as in Brighton pubs.

Task 3

Brighton Mall The Theatre Combined results
1 14 11 25
2 41 19 60
3 25 9 34
4 or more 24 13 37
<15 0 2 2
16-30 4 0 4
31-45 16 0 16
46-60 17 9 26
61-75 64 41 105
76< 3 0 3
Female 65 30 95
Male 39 22 61

The combined results show that the majority of Jonnie Jones’ fans are above 60 years. On the other hand, it is clear that Jones’ music has more female fanatics than male fanatics. Brighton Mall seems to attract many Jones’ fans as indicated by the minutes offered by his clients.

  • It merits bringing up that each study has its perplexing factors and impediments. Puzzling impact cannot be totally evaded. Each researcher ought to along these lines know about every single potential source of bias and attempt every single conceivable activity to diminish and limit the deviation from reality. If deviation is as yet present, writers ought to admit it in their articles by pronouncing the known restrictions of their work. Target population comprises of all subjects of different characteristics. Considering the characteristics of a population is regularly incomprehensible because of the restricted time and cash; we typically examine a marvel of enthusiasm for an agent test. By doing this, Tribute Ltd. trust that what we have gained from an example can be summed up to the whole population. To have the capacity to do as such, an example should be illustrative of the population. Arbitrary choice by individuals is not ever truly irregular. Individuals have normal biases that will make them carry on especially perhaps a man will probably choose folded frames than level structures while doing a specimen in an office.

All in all data collection, bias happens as often as possible too. It might come in how a man does timing. They might be slower or speedier than other individuals when beginning the watch, they may modify for the surprising issues, or they may utilize diverse begin and stop focuses each time. Vague models may add to bias when one individual deciphers something uniquely in contrast to another. One individual may give items from their companion less examination than others. There are bunches of ways that this kind of bias sneaks in both deliberately and accidentally. To reduce bias, there is need to use a well-planned survey procedure and ensuring it bodes well. In the event that the numbers do not coordinate what you expected, ensure you comprehend why.

  • Bias can make evaluations of affiliation be either bigger or littler than the genuine affiliation. In extraordinary cases, bias can cause an apparent affiliation which is inverse of the genuine affiliation (Lamb, 2004). Thus, the enthusiastic conditions of more seasoned individual’s most likely effect all the part of the choice procedure identified with devouring. As far as anyone is concerned, no marketing analyst has formally considered the impact of the elderly’s feeling on customer reactions. Age is a vital factor with regards to affecting conduct. Each age has its own perspective, its own discernment and its own particular attributes. This report will relate age and purchaser conduct. Purchaser conduct is the way a purchaser carries on. A purchaser could conceivably be a shopper yet his conduct chooses it all. The way a purchaser picks his marketing put, his item, the advantages, the post-buying administrations and everything else is the conduct of the purchaser

Task 4

  1. Purchasing preference
Ranking Retail Concert Online Mail Phone
1 46 11 18 9 8
2 21 27 24 10 9
3 12 21 14 28 17
4 7 13 14 27 31
5 6 20 22 18 26
Median 12 20 18 18 17

Listening Preference

Ranking Cassette CD Live Digital Radio
1 8 22 13 16 33
2 17 28 11 12 24
3 15 21 23 14 19
4 20 15 27 21 9
5 32 6 18 29 7
Median 17 21 18 16 19

Based on the median tables above, it is evident that the purchasing preference of most consumers is at concerns. This is common among senior citizens unlike the younger generations. On the other hand, senior citizens prefer CDs, liver concerts and listening to radios.

  • YAH consumers prefer digital forms of music as compared to the SEN who still cling on to other forms of music such as cassettes (Newell, 2011). On the other hand, both YAH and SEN have disparities in terms of purchasing music online where majorities of YAH prefer purchasing music online. Similarly, YAH have higher tendencies of listening to music through phones as compared to SEN.
  • The interns research can be considered significantly appropriate based on the kind of data the researcher intended to collect and analyze. However, the method of recording data was mostly based on ranking which may not be effective in analyzing quantitative data.
  • To generate higher data quality, there was need to conduct certain aspects of the data collection process independently. For instance, the researcher mixed many variables such as gender, age and preferences making it hard to find a clear distinction among these data in the process of analyzing the final outcome. 

Task 5

Music resoundingly affects individuals of any age. It is after all the specialty of moving feelings and individuals can truly associate with tunes they feel energetic about. It actually forces you to move, sing, play or simply relax to. It is frequently said that music is medication for the spirit, however it is additionally a wellspring of wistfulness and particularly in senior citizen’s, it encourages them to recoup recollections from their past. It shouldn’t come as an unexpected at that point to find that utilizing music to tend to the elderly got positive reactions.

Seniors vary by culture, ethnicity, opulence, training, business if still in the workforce and way of life. Discharge nesters additionally involve one section, while a portion of alternate fragments incorporate seniors who live for the most part on Social Security or who are very taught and rich. Some seniors are low-wage or single; others are childless or live in residential communities. The influence of music can do abnormal and magnificent things to individuals their whole lives (Knopper, 2010). Research demonstrated that in the elderly music expanded versatility and co-appointment and additionally decreased pressure, lessened torment and enhanced recuperation times. The general change of physical, passionate and profound prosperity of patients is on account of their day is made more charming with music.

Like most customers, seniors are not probably going to purchase an item or administration they don’t need or need. They may need items that reflect more effective decisions they’ve made or as coordinated by their specialists, for example, changing to sugar-and without fat nourishments and incorporating more fiber in their eating regimens. They may require items that enhance vision, make home upkeep less troublesome or set them up for retirement. It is good to discover what they require by directing concentration groups, overviews or studies or by checking on distributed reports on their propensities and inclinations.

Seniors are accustomed to being sold to or constrained into making some sort of move. In spite of the fact that seniors regularly are gone after by guileful salesmen, they’re more mindful of tricky deals strategies. They read or tune in to notices about deals predators from associations that secure their interests. In this way, a genuine, coordinate message will probably create a deal or motivate them to act. State how your item or administration takes care of an issue in your advertising messages; seniors frequently search for help with way of life changes as they age. For grown-ups in cutting edge phases of dementia, achieving further back in time might be a compelling method. Tunes learned in adolescence especially when tuned in to in your adored one’s local dialect may trigger a more critical reaction.


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Walker, O. C., Mullins, J. W., Mavondo, F. T., Gountas, J. I., Kriz, A., and Osborne, C. (2015). Marketing strategy: A decision-focused approach.