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Capstone Criminal Justice Professional and Personal Reflection Paper

Capstone Criminal Justice Professional and Personal Reflection Paper


Overall, what was your capstone experience like?

Criminal justice is an integral part of any society. However, proper processes of dealing with crime should be embraced in order to realize the social and economic goals of the society. My experience in the capstone emphasized the importance of community policing in dealing with crime. In fact, the capstone has defined the importance of engaging the community in dealing with crime (Trojanowicz, 2002). I have also appreciated the role of community in curbing crime through the implementation of appropriate policies that attempts to eliminate crime and enhance relations between the public and the police.

In the course of the capstone project, I identified a number of problems that exist in establishment of a successful community policing programs. One of the major challenges is due to the structure and the culture of the police unit (Wells & Weisheit, 2002). On the other hand, I have realized that ethical issues and corruption affects the sustainability of this process especially when the community use money to influence the justice system. Similarly, I have also noted that poor working relationship between the society and the officers is also a key challenge in the community. The capstone was very essential in handling the challenge that exist in the community policing and deliver recommendations in dealing with the problem (Trochim, 2001).

From the analysis, I realized that the police departments have attempted to use community policing in dealing with crime with little positive impacts. For instance, they use foot soldiers, motorcycles, and motorcars in solving policing needs (Trojanowicz, 2002). Nonetheless, since there is higher rate of disparity and differences between stations, police departments and locations on the conduction of community policing, less benefits have been realized.

Reflect on the significance of the capstone in relation to your own experience at SNHU.

The capstone is very important because it identifies the problems in the society, analyse the implementation programs and recommends ways to enhance the criminal justice system. I believe the capstone is instrumental in providing insights to equip criminal justice system with appropriate knowledge in dealing with crime (Tiedke & Freeman, 2007). For instance, it proposes that introduction of communication lessons in the police training colleges such as Broward College Institute of Public Safety in Florida. The capstone revealed that communication is a crucial element as it facilitates the police to serve better as a community-policing officer. It would also promote efficient co-working. Furthermore, the capstone is essential because it highlight that when the community in which policing is done can communicate and interact with the policing officer, so that their demands would be to have a need-based strategy in management of crime in the community (Trochim, 2001).

The traditional strategies in dealing with crime were aimed at instilling fear among criminals. For instance, deployment of many police officers within the community was meant to instil fear and lowers the chances of crimes occurring in the community (Thacher, 2001). However, the capstone pointed out that such mechanisms are not effective in managing the modern crime. In this regard, I believe up-to-date processes should be initiated in the community especially via training and equipping of officers involved, to sufficiently know how to handle the problems. I think the community policing is grappling with challenges associated with corruption from the influential members of the society in the execution of services. Therefore, embracing a productive policing is viable to train the labour-force and the administration of the agency (Wells & Weisheit, 2002).

The capstone is quite beneficial because it applied the community policing and criminal justice theories to justify the need for reforms in the police force. For instance, using organizational devolution, i have realized that construction or improvement of the police stations in

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