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Does Capital Punishment Act As A Deterrence To Violent Crime?

Does Capital Punishment Act As A Deterrence To Violent Crime?

Does Capital Punishment Act As A Deterrence To Violent Crime?


In every nation, there are established measures concerning ways of dealing with criminal offenders based on the nature and magnitude of the crime. However, despite the presence of the established measures of dealing with criminals, crimes such as murder, rape, drug trafficking, mass genocide, and robbery with violence do occur. This means that no country can completely do away with crimes just because of having well-established strategies for dealing with criminals, but the measures help in stimulating the reduction of criminal activities. One of the criminal reduction measures that most developing and developed countries have been implementing for years is capital punishment, especially for serious crimes such as murder, mass genocide and robbery with violence.  Apparently, in the United States, the arguments over capital punishment have been in place since the early days of the republic, where some Americans argue that it should be abolished and others supporting it.

According to the data that was compiled by the federal government showed that there were approximately 3,859 individuals who were subjected to the death sentence under the civil authority between 1930 and 1968 (Schonebaum, 2004). However, during the second half of the 20th century, the number of executions reduced from 105 in 1951 to 2 in 1967, and to zero from 1968 to 1976. The consistence reduction of death sentence cases was as a result of the legal challenges that culminated in 1972, when in the case of Furman versus Georgia rule that capital punishment was an unconstitutional practice. Precisely, the supreme court of the United States had made a 5-4 decision that the way in which death penalty was being practiced at that time was cruel and unusual punishment. This resulted in the approximately thirty-five states revising or writing down new death penalty laws that attempt to meet the requirements of consistency and fairness established by the court.

This research aims at establishing whether capital punishment at as a deterrence to violent crime. With the presence of numerous varying arguments concerning whether or not capital punishment affects deterrence violence crime, this study will dig deeper by getting facts from the major professional criminology associations in the United States.

Research question

Does capital punishment contribute to crime deterrence?


Capital punishment act helps in crime deterrence

Dependent variable: Capital Punishment

Independent variable: crime deterrence

Literature Review

Capital punishment is one of the major and cheapest tools that a government can embrace and implement in order to prevent the innocent citizens from the threats of criminals who propagate heinous activities such as murder and terrorism.  According to Schonebaum (2004), the Republican Governor of New York, Goerge E. Pataki promised people during his campaign period that once being elected as a governor; he would bring a new era in the state by ensuring safer communities, renewed personal freedom, and fewer victims of crime. New York had a long fight for justice and for twenty-two consecutive years, most of the predecessors of Pataki had ignored the urgent calls for justice from the citizens, and this was one of the major factors that stimulated governor Palaki to sign the death penalty into law two months after being elected. Schonebaum (2004) supported the idea of embracing and implementing capital sentence arguing that it helps in instituting fear of arrest and conviction to those who may be intending to commit crimes, as well as preventing the convicted criminals from repeating a similar crime in future.

In addition, the adoption of the death sentence in New York resulted in a dramatic drop in violent crime. According to Schonebaum (2004), it only took governor Pataki one year

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