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Before you write an essay, you have to keep in mind that your readers should buy into your idea when they read your paper. The content is even more convincing if the information is retrieved from authentic sources. And before you begin to write your essay, you should deeply think about it from the beginning to the end. Choose the right topic, look for authentic sources, create an outline, begin with a compelling introduction and an exclusive thesis then go ahead to argue your points drawing your examples from the right literature and then complete the essay with a conclusion that leaves a convincing impression on the reader. Following these simple steps may seem easy but if you fail to capture your ideas in the essay well, you may end up writing a mediocre paper. If you perhaps do not quite know how to go about essay writing or you perhaps have no time to do it, assign the work to us for best results. Do not gamble your grades away. Our writers are experts in the field of academic essay writing and this is how we do essay for you:

  • We select a good topic that is relevant and that matches the level of your education. We choose topics that are interesting and familiar to you because familiar topics are easier to discuss and have several sources you could get the information from. In addition to that we select a specific topic because it’s easier to exclusively discuss a single concept compared to numerous concepts under a general topic. Selecting a specific topic also reduces the time spent researching and writing the essay.
  • We then make an outline for the essay. Making an outline maps the way the essay shall be structured and hence the writer remains focused and relevant all through the essay.
  • Then we begin writing the essay with an introduction. The introduction familiarizes the reader with the topic by explaining the importance of studying the issue. Then we establish the focus of the essay using a brief thesis statement. Establishing the essay’s focus is important because it presents the research question and establishes the need for the generation of answers. The introduction should be impeccable because the reader needs only to read the first three sentences to decide whether they want to continue reading the essay or not. 
  • We briefly discuss the literature from which we have sourced the information. The literature review broadens the reader’s understanding of the topic by introducing them to different school of thoughts.
  • We use the literature to make our arguments and discuss the topic. Writing a good introduction is important but maintaining a good flow of thought throughout the body is even more important and we do this by using our selected sources to answer the questions, what, how, who, where, when and why.
  • The length of the paper determines the number of points to be discussed in the essay. If the essay is lengthy then we discuss as many points as is necessary. But if the essay is short, we choose the most important points to discuss thereby keeping the essay short and to the point.
  • We structure the essays according to the specified paper referencing style with in-text citations and list of the references used at the end of the paper. Please note that the cover page, the outline and the reference page are offered to you for free so you do not have to struggle formatting the paper after the work is completed.
  • And if there are any tables or images used, we list them on the appendix page in the order that they appear on the essay.

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