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Butterfly Effect Essay

Butterfly Effect

There are some specially endowed human beings whose years of dedication to a particular field of study enlighten the entire society to understand more about their environment. One such field of study is meteorology which aims at keeping humanity a step ahead of climatic conditions towards preparing to benefit from them or shield from adverse outcomes (Gleick & Berry, 1987). Two notable persons who made contributions to the study of geography are Arnie Gotfryd and Ed Lorenz who introduced the world to the Butterfly Effect.

Ed Lorenz made great contributions to the scientific community most importantly in understanding the underworking of the vast distinctive elements playing significant impacts on the entire climatic system. From his research, Lorenz made stunning correlations between his findings that small changes brought about by a perceivably insignificant alteration in something like a family of eddies ensured that no particular weather system followed a periodic array of outcomes (Gleick & Berry, 1987). Through the Butterfly Effect, he noted that the limitations associated with standing weather fluctuations at a minute scale resulted in scientists taking measurements at decimal points which translated to huge variations in the shorter term. For instance, the inability to have sensors located at every one foot and rising at intervals of one foot to the topmost parts of the atmosphere, then the readings of the different weather conditions cou

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